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It's Quackers at Miller-Driscoll
Nicola Davies

An authentic learning experience happened at Miller-Driscoll last week as the school made way for ducklings in the Outdoor Learning Center. A momma duck was spotted nesting behind a bush in the OLC in April, and then on Friday the ducklings were seen taking their first swim. The students were very engaged with the experience and loved to catch sight of the ducklings running around in the outdoor space.

By the next week it became clear that the ducks would have to be relocated to an area that could supply them with more aquatic plants and vegetation. Woodcock Nature Center were called in to offer their expertise and support on relocating the family. 

A pond on the far side of the school was identified as the best place for the family and after two hours of gentle enticing, the whole family were moved to their new home.

First picture shows Mama duck and ducklings in their Outdoor Learning Center home before being relocated to a bigger, natural pond nearby (bottom picture)

Three pictures of the ducks at Miller Driscoll