Portrait of the Graduate

Our Mission: Wilton Public Schools inspire and prepare all students to contribute meaningfully to a globally interdependent society.

Our Vision:  Guided by expert instruction and a rigorous, learner-centered curriculum, our students actively pursue their goals and aspirations and grow to be productive and resourceful members of the community.

Our Portrait of the Graduate:  Wilton Public Schools' Portrait of the Graduate represents our vision for the 21st century skills, traits and attributes that our students need to succeed in college, career and life. 



The Wilton Public Schools Portrait of the Graduate calls for the following attributes:

  • Contemporary Multi-Literate Scholar
  • Balanced, Healthy Human Being
  • Self-Navigating Expert Learner
  • Courageous Ethical Leader
  • Creative Entrepreneurial Designer
  • Active Socially-Sensitive Citizen

Our community engaged in a multi-year process around the skills, attributes and traits necessary for our graduates.  Our students live in a world best defined by the theory of V.U.C.A. (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous).  The result of our discussions, feedback received from our community, and staff was our newly-adopted Portrait of the Graduate.  This new tool will inform our strategic plans, be embedded in our curriculum, and provide the North Star in uncertain times and a pathway to address complexity, volatility and ambiguity.

How do I become a lifelong learner?

How do I contribute to a better world?

How do I care for myself, others and the world?