River Study

Wilton is fortunate to have the Norwalk River running through the middle of town and within walking distance of three of our schools. Beginning in 3rd grade, students learn about plants and animals found beside the river , they learn the history of the river, life cycles and the impact humans and industrialization have had on the local environment. By High School, students have many opportunities to utilize the river for fieldwork - to participate in local research programs such as tracking the winter flounder population in Long Island Sound, monitoring the levels of fecal coliform bacteria in the Norwalk River. Lessons learned beside the river can be applied widely beyond our town.

"The story about the eels was really cool. Sometimes when we drive up to Danbury my mom and I talk about the eels that live in the swamp next to the road and how they go all the way to the Sargasso Sea to reproduce."

Brendan 5th Grade