Organizations Supporting our Students

Wilton Public Schools is very fortunate to have several separate organizations, both District and Non-District, that aide in the education of our students.

Non-District Organizations are marked with *.

Wilton PTA's*

"The Wilton PTA's are nonprofit organizations, comprising of Parents, Teachers, the School Administration, and the Community, for the purpose of enhancing the education of the children attending the Wilton Public School system."

Wilton PTSA Website

Wilton Education Foundation*

"WEF is committed to working closely with the school district to support the efforts of students and teachers. The foundation fosters creative approaches to education by supporting district-wide projects that have a broad impact on academic and enrichment learning, specifically, technology projects and supplemental tech-related classroom materials, professional development scholarships, and funds to enhance arts and music in the schools."


Wilton Continuing Education

Wilton Continuing Education offers before and after school care, before and after school clubs and even adult ed classes for Wilton students and residents.


Wilton Parent Advisory Board (P.A.B)*

"On behalf of the Wilton Public Schools Parents Advisory Board for Special Services & 504, welcome. Our Board is comprised of parents of children receiving special services in Wilton; PTA Special Education representatives; administrators from our five schools and Wilton Special Services. Our mission is to improve communication,education and trust among parents of children with special needs and the Wilton Public School staff and administration. Through our web site and programs, we strive to help parents understand the special education process and communicate more effectively with their teachers and teams. We also work to improve the level of understanding of children with special needs and the services they receive within our schools and our community."

P.A.B Website

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