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    wilton public schools logo
    Nicola Davies

    Genesis, the alternative school for 7th to 12th graders will launch in August.

    This student application form is available here. To access this google Form, your student must be logged into their Wilton PS google account.

    Connecticut Association of Boards of Education Logo
    Nicola Davies

    Two Middlebrook Students recognized by Connecticut Association of Boards of Education.

    At the Board of Education Meeting on Thursday May 9th Two Middlebrook Students were awarded CABE (Connecticut Association of Boards of Education) Student Leadership Awards.

    The CABE Student Leadership Awards Program is designed to honor Connecticut High School and Middle School students who exhibit exemplary leadership skills.  Two students from each school in a CABE member district, are eligible to receive the Student Leadership Award.

    School staff nominate students who exhibit leadership skills that include:  willingness to take on challenges, capability to make difficult decisions, concern for others, ability to work with others, willingness to commit to a project, diplomacy, ability to understand issues clearly, ability to honor a commitment.

    Principal Lauren Feltz Introduced the two Middlebrook eighth grade winners and spoke of their accomplishments.

    Carly Pierson is an effervescent young lady who brings joy to those around her--teachers and students alike. She is a member of Team Change, a group that promotes positive change in the school environment. Carly was also one of the founding members of the Upstanders club, a group that speaks out and works against bullying in our school. In her classes, Carly works very hard and pays attention to details in order to go the extra mile. Quietly and unassumingly, she is a role model for the other students. She speaks up, ask questions, and always tries her best. Her teachers love that she is not afraid to be herself and is confident in her own skin. Outside of school, Carly is an accomplished equestrian who qualified for Medal Class of Fairfield County, a very selective and challenging riding class. She successfully competes as an equestrian most weekends and is able to manage her schedule and school work well. We are very proud of Carly, and we look forward to all that she will accomplish in her future with all her kind and caring ways.

    Photograph of Superintendent Smith, Principal Feltz, Carly and Board Chair Chris Finkelstein

    George Hahn is an exceptional CABE leader. Not only is he kind and caring with all of the members of the Middlebrook community, George is very involved in activities in the school. He is a member of the WEB Committee and Upstandards Club. George helps to create a safe and welcoming environment on the 8 Green team. He is a leader in every single class that he attends, and does so with a bright attitude and a warm “thank you” at the end of the day. George is not only a scholar, but he is also an athlete. While being a straight A student throughout his middle school career, he has been playing, football, basketball, lacrosse, and tennis. He is an accomplished member of the Wilton Lacrosse Team and also plays with the Express Premier League. We are proud to be able to present George as Middlebrook’s CABE Student Leader. 

    Picture of Superintendent Smith, George Hane, Principal Feltz and Board Chair Chris Finkelstein



    Mrs. Priest cuts the ribbon to official open the new Middlebrook greenhouse.
    Nicola Davies

    Visitors enjoyed an Earth day ribbon cutting for the new greenhouse. 

    Heather Priest talks to guests inside the greenhouse

    After three years in the planning, the Middlebrook Greenhouse was officially pronounced open today in a ribbon cutting ceremony this evening at Middlebrook school. The greenhouse was generously funded by  The Wilton Educational Foundation (WEF) and Wilton Continuing Education

    Brian Ladewig, Co-Chair of Wilton Education Foundation ‘Thanks, and a credit to Heather, your vision for what’s possible with students in terms of thinking about how to connect home, careers and sustainable agriculture and all that great work. It is such a credit to the spirit of Middlebrook School. Thanks for our Eagle Scouts who helped to build out the raised beds inside. WEF board appreciates that too.

    Renee Cahill, Co-Chair of Wilton Education Foundation said ‘ I am so impressed , it’s as beautiful as we thought it would be, all the back and forth, it was worth it.’

    Kevin Smith recalled the genesis of the Greenhouse project. “Imagine, it’s January 2016, a little snow on the ground, there were raised bed gardens all the way through (the area where the greenhouse is now), Heather was renovating her house and had brought in all her old windows to act as covers on the raised beds. ‘Wouldn’t it be great to have a greenhouse? Heather asked me ‘So I wouldn’t have to bring in all my old windows, we could grow all year round, and kids who were taking Family Consumer Science in winter would have a comparable experience with those taking it in the warmer months?’

    Funding for the project was secured early on through WEF and the Wilton Education Foundation. Dr Smith recounted that there were however hurdles to overcome with many other aspects of the project – ‘There was a problem with everything else, the size of the greenhouse, the location, the heat, the lights, the water, the corrugated roof, the drainage, the egress, the ingress. One by one, all the issues were sorted out and two and a half years later, in October 2018, we finally received a certificate of occupancy from the town’

    Emily Dowden from Wilton Continuing Education also spoke – “We are happy to support sustainability and growing student programs like this one and the needs of our students. Thank you, Heather. This summer we will be offering a farm to table program for our students. It will be held here at Middlebrook and run by Heather.

    The greenhouse will be operational during the school year. It's system of heating and fans allows the temperature to be regulated between 60F and 80F to optimize plant growth.  The greenhouse beds are already full of growing plants - spinach, kale, tomatoes are all underway. Mrs. Priest is also trying to grow squash and zucchini within the greenhouse 'I've had a real problem with squash vine borers in previous years, I am really hoping for success this year' she added.

    Students will learn about the greenhouse during their quarter in Mrs. Priest's Family and Consumer Science course.


    Two students pose with trophies
    Nicola Davies

    Middlebrook team perform exceptional well at CT Middleschool Debate League.

    Two students pose with trophies

    This past weekend, 60 members of the Middlebrook Debate Club participated in the final debate of the school year. These students worked very hard for this debate, arguing whether or not the United States should develop and implement human gene-editing. We wanted to share the amazing results for this final debate of the year!

    Team Results
    Out of 84 teams, five of our teams placed in the top ten! One of our teams placed in the top two in the tournament after three rounds. Both teams then faced off in a final fourth round in front of all the debaters, judges, and members of the association at the end of the competition on stage in front of a packed auditorium. This was the first time one of our teams has made it to the final round of any debate competition.

    The team of Katie in 8R, Gayathri in 8Y, and Sean in 8G debated the proposition side of the argument in this final round. A unanimous decision from three judges determined this team to be the winners of the entire debate. Katie, Gayathri, and Sean made Middlebrook Debate Club history on Saturday by becoming not only the first team to make it to the final round, but also be the #1 team

    Debate Club is advised by Mr. Panoli and Ms. Durkin.  Further information on the club can be found on the Clubs and Activities page of this website.

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