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    Picture of mama duck with ducklings
    Nicola Davies

    A Momma Duck makes her nest in the Outdoor Learning Center. 

    An authentic learning experience happened at Miller-Driscoll last week as the school made way for ducklings in the Outdoor Learning Center. A momma duck was spotted nesting behind a bush in the OLC in April, and then on Friday the ducklings were seen taking their first swim. The students were very engaged with the experience and loved to catch sight of the ducklings running around in the outdoor space.

    By the next week it became clear that the ducks would have to be relocated to an area that could supply them with more aquatic plants and vegetation. Woodcock Nature Center were called in to offer their expertise and support on relocating the family. 

    A pond on the far side of the school was identified as the best place for the family and after two hours of gentle enticing, the whole family were moved to their new home.

    First picture shows Mama duck and ducklings in their Outdoor Learning Center home before being relocated to a bigger, natural pond nearby (bottom picture)

    Three pictures of the ducks at Miller Driscoll
    Principal Kathy Coon  pictured with two of her students
    Nicola Davies

    Two students spend the day alongside Principal Kathy Coon.

    Principal Kathy Coon  pictured with two of her students

    Two Miller-Driscoll students have an unforgettable time being Principal for the day this week. Emma in 2nd grade and Katharine in Kindergarten won a competition to spend the morning with Principal Kathy Coon and learn all about what the job of Principal involves.

    Emma took away from the experience that the Principal's job is 'To help people and kids at Miller-Driscoll'

    The most favorite part of the day was giving out birthday certificates.  When asked for ways to improve the school the answer was to provide a chocolate fountain along with the regular water fountains in the school.

    Student dressed like a bee
    Nicola Davies

    Students dressed up like bees to celebrate what it means to 'Be Kind'




    Winners of the Dress Like a Bee competition at Miller-Driscoll

    Returning for a fourth year, 'Dress Like A Bee' is a visual and fun way to talk about what it means to be kind, and how every single student can be kind in their own way. Students and staff are encouraged to dress up and pollinate kindness around the school.

    The event is part of April's diversity and inclusion awareness month and is supported by the Wilton SEPTA.

    Callie, in first grade shared what kindness means to her "By treating others the way you want to be treated. And if you see someone playing by themselves, ask them to play with you, even if you don't know them.  And you never know, they might become your friend."

    Group of High School students
    Nicola Davies

    WHS students visit Miller-Driscoll with a message of inclusivity.

    young audience watching show on stage

    April is Inclusion/ Diversity Awareness Month. Wilton High School’s Top Inclusion Models (TIMs) traveled to Miller-Driscoll to put on a show for the students. They performed ‘Do the Right Thing,’ based on the book ‘Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun’ The short play celebrates kindness, courage and doing the right thing.

    Top Inclusion Models is a High School Club whose mission is to promote inclusion of all students regardless of ability or differences.

    Students at BOE film their cold opening
    Nicola Davies

    Miller-Driscoll TV honored at Board Of Education Meeting.

    Getting set up for the BOE meeting

    The Professional library was a little busier than usual at the start of Thursday’s Board of Education meeting. As well as the familiar set up, there was one extra camera being operated by the youngest cameraman the board had ever seen – Henry, a Miller-Driscoll student.  Henry, along with 11 other members of the Miller-Driscoll Morning Show Crew were at the meeting to receive the “Salute to Excellence” award from the Board of Education and to shoot a special opening for an upcoming show.

    The Board of Education recognized Miller-Driscoll TV (MD-TV) as the recipient of their third "Salute to Excellence" award this year. The award recognizes the exemplary and ground-breaking work that the team has created in the last three years.

    The team shot a cold open featuring member of the Board of Education. Managing to work without the teleprompter, the crew got their cold opening in the can in only two takes. The final cut can be seen here

    The Miller-Driscoll students were excited and nervous to be recognized at the meeting.

    “It was a little nerve-racking to have so many grown up’s watching, but it was still fun and I can’t wait to do it again’ said crew member Jasmine.  Those sentiments were echoed by Kelly ‘It was fun, and I liked that the parents got to see what we do’

    Skip Ploss reported that the show had viewers in at least thirteen countries, and that there were over 65,000 hits to the website that hosts the episodes.

    The archive of episodes can be found here.