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    Nicola Davies

    Regarding a social media post that has lead to a police investigation.

    Dear Wilton High School Students, Staff, and Families,

    I am writing to share information about a matter that the Wilton Police Department investigated early this morning.  While this information may cause some alarm, I want to reassure you that the Wilton Police Department responded immediately and determined that at no time were the safety and well-being of our school community at risk.    

    At approximately 5:45 a.m. this morning, the Wilton Police Department became aware of a social media post involving a possible threat to Wilton High School.  Specifically, the post contained a photo of a male wearing a Wilton Warriors shirt holding a firearm with the caption, “Don’t come to school Monday.” The Wilton Police Department immediately commenced an investigation that engaged the efforts of the New Canaan Police Department and the Facebook Law Enforcement Response Team.   By 6:30 a.m., a police officer had communicated with the superintendent of schools to apprise him of the situation. By 6:50 a.m., the Wilton Police Department had made contact with the student pictured in the photo and the student’s parent, and deemed that there was no credible threat to the school community. The photo is believed to have been taken two weeks ago, was reposted over the weekend using a fake Instagram account, and was not accessed by a large number of people.  Officers seized a BB gun and believe that was the gun shown in the post. The Wilton Police Department continues to investigate the matter, but they have determined that there is no active threat to the school community. Rest assured that our school district will follow its protocols and procedures as we respond to this disturbing incident.

    This incident serves as a reminder that all members of our community should remain aware and vigilant in our common effort to promote the safety and security of our community.  As part of that effort, we remind all members of our community that if they, “see something, [they should] say something.” Doing so can have a profound positive impact on the lives of all members of our school community.

    I would like to extend my gratitude to the Wilton Police Department, the New Canaan Police Department, and the Facebook Law Enforcement Response Team for their responsiveness in this matter.  As always, if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Robert William O’Donnell, Ed.D.
    Wilton High School

    James Hunter

    As we look toward the end of the first semester, we will be making a slight modification to the midterm exam schedule.  The current schedule lists 1/18 as an "M" day.  Martin Luther King Day is 1/21.  Midterms would then start on 1/22.


    Our of respect for the Martin Luther King holiday we will modify the exam schedule as follows:  1/18 will be a typical day C.  1/22 will be an "M" day.  Midterms will run from 1/23-1/28.


    Please understand this could change if we have snow days.  In the event of weather related closings, we will likely add one day for each day missed.  We will formally revise the schedule and re-publish it when we get closer to the event.  Thank you for your support.



    Robert William O'Donnell, Ed.D.


    Wilton High School

    Wilton Schools Launch Speak Up
    Nicola Davies

    A new service to ensure students share safety concerns.

    Students are encouraged to raise concerns about classmates or school safety with an administrator, teacher or other trusted adult at their school. We recognize that sometimes students are reluctant to speak directly to an adult. SpeakUp allows a student to use email as a way to communicate their concerns.  Emails are monitored at all times by trained Gaggle Safety Representatives who evaluate SpeakUp tips and send an email regarding non-life-threatening items to designated school staff. They will also call school officials or local law enforcement if an emergency situation arises.  Read more here.    

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