Members of the Board of Education

Six members of the Wilton Board of Education

Standing left to right: Mandi Schmauch, Ruth DeLuca, Debbie Low; sitting left to right: Glenn Hemmerle, Gretchen Jeanes, Jennifer Lalor.

Debbie Low - Board Chair
Debbie has lived in Wilton since 1998. Her two sons went through the Wilton schools graduating in 2001 and 2007. Debbie also worked for the schools for 20 years, she has held the positions of dean at Wilton High School, Wilton High School principal and assistant superintendent in Wilton. Debbie retired from her position as Superintendent of Ridgefield Schools in 2014. Debbie has served on the Board of Education since December 2017.

Glenn Hemmerle, Vice-Chairman
Glenn and wife Louise and have been in Wilton since 2001. They have two children who graduated from Wilton High School, Ned and Meg. Glenn is the longest serving board member. He was elected to the board in November 2013.

Gretchen Jeanes, Secretary
Gretchen and husband Chris moved to Wilton in 2012 from New York City. They have two daughters who both attend Middlebrook School. Gretchen has served on the board since December 2017.

Ruth DeLuca
Ruth and husband Damien moved to Wilton in 2016. They have three young children, the oldest is a student at Miller-Driscoll. Ruth joined the board in December 2019.

Jennifer Lalor
Jennifer and husband Bill moved to Wilton in 2013. Their children attend Cider Mill and Middlebrook schools. Jennifer joined the board in December 2019.

Mandi Schmauch
Mandi and husband William moved to Wilton in 2006. Their children attend Cider Mill and Middlebrook schools. Mandi joined the board in December 2019.