Drop Off Procedures

Drop-Off / Pick-Up

We strongly encourage all students to ride the bus. All children in the Nod Hill and Cannondale Houses are to use the North entrance by the north playground (closest to the High School track). All children in the Belden Hill and Kent Houses are to use the South Entrance by the south playground (closest to Comstock Community Center) All pick-ups during the regular school day must be made through the Cider Mill office (front entrance). Early drop off for intramurals, orchestra, and band are at the front or North entrance. If you take your child off the bus during dismissal you must sign your child out at the main office as a pickā€“up. You may pick up your child at an earlier bus stop on their route if time is an issue. Reminders: Drop off and pick up is not in the bus loop or main parking lot. Parents must park and walk into the building to sign out their child