Statement of Purpose

Fine and Performing Arts Wilton Public Schools Grades K-12

We believe that our most challenging and fundamental purpose is to offer programs of artistic, aesthetic, and academic excellence while making the search for knowledge, personal expression, and understanding a continuing quest. We encourage all students to achieve their fullest potential in order to prepare them to function responsibly in a rapidly changing world and to lead full and productive lives. We strive to assure that these efforts will take place in a spirit of mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation among all those involved in the process of education. Using the Arts as a vehicle, we aim to illustrate connections between curricular subject areas. We also believe the Arts can provide each student with a feeling of individual worth and importance as well as compassion, understanding, and respect for the worth and dignity of others.


  • develop a working understanding of the elements and principles of art, including:
    elements: color, line, shape/form, space, texture, value
    principles: balance, contrast, emphasis, harmony/unity, repetition/pattern, rhythm/movement.
  • master developmentally appropriate skills in each of the following disciplines:
    drawing, printing, printmaking, design, sculpture, ceramics, crafts, and technology.
  • develop higher order thinking skills in order to become problem solvers and life-long learners.

Report Card Expectations

Students are expected to participate in all art activities to the best of their abilities.