Cider Mill Band


Group lessons will begin the last week of September. Prior to that date, we will visit your child’s classroom with lesson schedule information. Lessons will always be on the same day of the week. Since these classes are given on a pull-out basis, the time of each lesson rotates from week to week. This ensures that a particular class is missed only once every six weeks. Students may only reschedule lesson times at the request of their classroom teacher for tests, special classroom activities or field trips. Morning rehearsals are held once each week at 7:00 a.m. and will begin in October, specific start dates to be announced. These rehearsals are part of the Instrumental Music curriculum, and attendance is required of all band program participants. Further details about these rehearsals will come at the time lesson schedules are distributed.You can find most of the information and enrollment/sign-up forms for the band program on the right side of this page.


Almost all beginning band students rent their instruments. Bethel Music Source and AAA Band Rentals http://www. have each provided reliable service to our band program for over twenty-fi ve years. The entire rental process can be accomplished online, and both suppliers will provide inschool instrument delivery. We encourage school delivery because it ensures that students will have an instrument and book at their fi rst lesson. Also, it eliminates the temptation for students to attempt assembly and playing instruments before the fi rst lesson – preventing damage and ensuring proper development of basic skills. Please take advantage of their short-term “trial” rentals. Students forced to continue because their parents already paid for a full year of rental are wasting everyone’s time and effort.

Other supplies you will need:

1. Music Stand for use at home (optional in rental program packages)

2. Method Book: Tradition of Excellence, book 1 (included in delivery package). Baritone horn books should be “Bass Clef”.

3. Band Notebook: These 1” loose-leaf binders will contain the lesson schedule, supplemental lesson materials and ensemble music. They have been purchased and prepared for each student. There is a $5.00 charge for these books. Payment may be made by cash, and brought to the fi rst lesson.

4. Alto sax and clarinet students must have a box of 10 - #2 reeds (included in delivery package.)


The success of all our students depends upon the cooperation of each individual. Toward that end, the following is expected of each student:

1. Practice every day at home.

2. Keep track of the lesson schedule and arrive for classes on time. 3. Come to each lesson prepared, with books and instrument.

4. Listen carefully in class, participate and be sure to ask questions.

We are always happy to offer advice and encouragement, as well as address your concerns. Should you have any questions, please e.mail our band instructors Richard Wyton or Salvatore LaRusso