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Strings Program



Welcome to our new year at Cider Mill 2019-2020!

String Classes are for all string students and will be provided as a weekly group lesson during the school day. This will be on the same day every week and be scheduled by class and/or instrument. (Classes will be on the same day as orchestra.) Lesson times will rotate within that day to minimize conflicts with other subjects.

*Enrollment information will be distributed for string students on our first week (Aug 27, 28,29,30) with classes starting the week after. 5th grade returning students on Tuesdays, 4th grade returning North on Wednesdays, 3rd grade Cannondale on Thursdays, 4th grade returning South on Fridays, 4th and 5th 1st year students on Mondays, 3rd grade Belden Hill on Tuesdays, 3rd grade Kent on Wednesdays, and 3rd grade Nod Hill on Thursdays. (Refer to the links to these specific classes on the right side of this page.)

(Please note returning students’ orchestras will begin immediately, and 1st year students’ orchestras will begin after a couple weeks of in-school classes.)

Orchestra is when all our students that play stringed instruments get together once a week to play at 7:00-7:40 am before school. (Please arrive at approximately 6:45 am.)


  • 4th & 5th Grade First Year Orchestra will meet on Mondays (starting on Sept. 23)
  • 5th Grade Orchestra will meet on Tuesdays (starting on Sept.3)
  • 4th Grade North Orchestra will meet on Wednesdays (starting on Sept.4)
  • 4th Grade South Orchestra will meet on Fridays (starting on Sept.6)
  • 3rd Grade Belden Hill Orchestra will meet on Tuesdays (starting on Oct.1)
  • 3rd Grade Kent Orchestra will meet on Wednesdays (starting on Oct.2)
  • 3rd Grade Cannondale Orchestra will meet on Thursdays (starting on Oct.3)
  • 3rd Grade Nod Hill Orchestra will meet on Thursdays (starting on Oct 3)

All students will need a music manuscript notebook (wide ruled lines are helpful for beginners) and Strictly Strings books. (3rd grade will only need book one, all others will need book one and two.)


 3rd grade students in Belden Hill, Kent, and Nod Hill will be studying with Mrs. Emily Franz x4294.

All other string students will be with Mr. Hayashi x4111.