Intramurals will require a one time $25.00 participation fee. Information can be found under the District's Financial Planning Site.

(Intramural permission Slip

The physical education staff would like to remind all parents about proper footwear for physical education class. We prefer your children to wear sneakers when they are participating in our class. It is strictly for safety reasons that we are making this request. Please check your child’s 5 day schedule and know when they are participating in physical education so they can be properly prepared the next day. Children will not be permitted to take place in any activities with crocks, flip-flops, dress shoes or boots. It is very important to have the best support for your children’s feet due to the amount of movement activities in our classes. If your child likes to wear their favorite shoes to school, please have them bring sneakers on physical education days or keep them in their locker. We encourage you to help us in this matter. Please feel free to call us at extension 4246 if you have any questions or concerns.

Our Intramurals take place before school. Unlike clubs, Intramurals run throughout the year on the days listed below up until May. All students are invited to participate. We ask that all students be dropped off at the main gymnasium (near the main office) between 6:50 - 7:00 am. Our goal is to begin at 7:00! Your child may participate in one or all activities offered throughout the year. If school is canceled or delayed, there will be no Intramural for the day.

  • Third graders may participate on Wednesdays.
  • Fourth graders may participate on Tuesdays.
  • Fifth graders may participate on Thursdays.

Thank you,

Jason Gossman and Rich Lotko

CM Phys. Ed



If you have any questions or concerns, please call extension 4246