Special Education

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Any questions or comments, please e-mail Abigail Searfoss (Special Education Instructional leader)

Department Members

Special Education Teachers

Megan Angus, Ext. 4248 

Tracey Ceglio, Ext. 4106

Kathrene Cunius, Ext. 4210

Monica Gagliardi, Ext. 4287

Sheila Jackson, Ext. 4287

Jenna Newsome, Ext. 4305

Donna Nordone, Ext. 4210

Abigail Searfoss, Ext. 4305

Sharon Weand, Ext. 4106

School Psychologists

Adriana Diaz, Ext. 4255

Jacqueline Monahan, Ext. 4208

Lisa Perry, Ext. 4303

Speech and Language Pathologists

Robin Humby, Ext. 4207

Margaret Jones, Ext. 4207

Katherine Miller, Ext. 4307

Occupational Therapists

Michelle Bragdon-Place, Ext. 4204

Penny Scarth, Ext. 4204

 Physical Therapist

Jessica Bender, Ext. 4204

Assistive Technology

Michelle Bragdon-Place, Ext. 4204



Programs of Study

District Curriculum and Instruction