Clubs and Activities

Cider Mill Welcome sign

We are pleased to share that Cider Mill School will continue to provide our learners with After-school Enrichment Clubs this year. These clubs will occur after school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The clubs will be:


Helping Hands,

Cider Mill TV,

Math Club

Word Masters and

Zero Waste.

Clubs will run the following days/weeks:

Monday 10/15-12/10

CM Newspaper- Meet in the Flex lab, 3:30 pick up at the bus loop

Math Club-Meet in the LLC, 3:30 pick up at South lot.

Thursday 10/11-12/13

Helping Hands-Art Room 331, 3:30 pick up at bus loop

Zero Waste-Mrs. Skroubelos Room (331 in Belden Hill), 3:30 pick up in South lot.

Thursday 10/18-1/31

TV Club-Meet in the LLC, 3:30 pick up in bus loop.

CM Club Participation Fee

Student's Full Name
Student's Grade

A one time $25 participation fee is charged for these activities.