Fifth Graders Visit Middlebrook

5th grade audience listen to 6th Dimension band

This week the annual tradition of Fifth graders toured Middlebrook took place. The Fifth graders enjoyed a performance from the sixth grade chorus and our advanced sixth grade stage band, The Sixth Dimension. The visiting students toured Middlebrook led by the seventh graders who will be serving as WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) leaders next year. This complex event was pulled together by Ms. Bonnie O’Brien, the school counselor for the rising sixth grade, in collaboration with colleagues from the music and counseling departments as well as our WEB leadership.

The event is one of great excitement for the fifth graders as they learn how things will be different next year when they reach Middle School.  Students are looking forward to the increased independence of middle school – no more walking in a line. They are looking forward to switching classes and having the opportunity to meet and work with different students in every class. Gym at Middlebrook is an exciting prospect for many. There are many new games to be played and things to try – the rock-climbing wall for example.

The most exciting thing about Middle School?  Our survey reveals the same results as last year - free seating in the cafeteria and the much better lunch food options!