New Mural at Miller-Driscoll School Uses Plastic To Paint a Picture of the Sea

colored trash creates a mural of two fish, a sea turtle and strands of seaweed.

By Tammy Thornton.
Photo by MD Staff.

Inspired by a similar mural in a NC Children’s Museum, MD Green Team Co-Chairs Tammy Thornton and Vivian Lee-Shiue, teamed up with MD Art teachers Jen Eyikan and Megan Putnick to create an art mural made out of unwanted items for our school. 

Parents were asked to send in any small items such as old game pieces, lids, markers, crayons, Legos, etc  that may have just gone in the garbage throughout the month of October.  The MD Green Team then sorted and colored coded while the art teachers painted the mural onto the foam board.  Select second grade students had the opportunity during an early release day and art workshop to help glue the items onto the board with the art teachers. 

The finished mural, now a permanent fixture, hangs in the hallway outside the school library.