New Schedule Changes for Week of January 24 Due to Snow Days:

The three snow days that we have had recently have all fallen on odd period days.  This has caused instructional time to be very disparate between odd and even day classes.  Our administrative and instructional leadership teams have agreed that we need to balance instructional time better in order to best serve all sections and students equally.  This is  necessitating additional changes to next week’s calendar:


  1. Tuesday, January 25: will now be a D day (instead of a C day as originally planned) and will be a regular full-length school day.

  2. Wednesday, January 26: will remain a shortened day and will still follow a D day rotation (schedule here).

  3. Thursday, January 27: will now be a shortened day and will follow an A day rotation (schedule here).

  4. Friday, January 28: will now be the first day of the second semester and is a B day. Students should access second semester schedules in PowerSchool. 


An updated version of the rotating calendar can be found here.