Chartwells Food Service

Please Note: Chartwells Food Services is an outside vendor for Wilton Public Schools. The content on this page and all subpages is the sole responsibility of Chartwells.

Textural logo for chartwells food services with the tag line serving up happy and healthy.

Chartwells is proud to be your school foodservice provider and we look forward to serving your children nourishing and appealing meals.

Current school lunch balances for students in Wilton Public Schools can be accessed on My School Bucks website at

The phone number is 855-832-5226 if you experience any difficulties.

CRITICAL NOTE: If you have requested a "balance" from the Wilton B.O.E. Power School Program your child's "lunch balance" will always show a zero balance. Our lunch POS Program is not compatible to the power school program and unfortunately we will not be able to change the system.

Chartwells Contact Number: (203) 834-4990 ext 5221

Chartwells Fax Number: (203) 762-3410

Interested in working as a substitute in the Wilton School Cafeteria during lunch? Contact Brian Reynolds @ (203) 834-4990 ext. 5221