Curriculum Overview


Art can transform lives. It gives us power to question, to confront, to explore, and to challenge how we think of the world” - Lucy Liu, Ignite Co-Chair

The study and practice of the Visual Arts in grades K-12 prepares students for life in the 21st century. Visual and artistic literacy is of the utmost importance in this rapidly changing digital environment. The increased exposure to images in students lives has transformed the way they learn and perceive the world. The use of images has created a demand for the development of new skills to enable all young people to communicate, collaborate, create, and increase critical thinking skills. These skills enable all students to work through the creative process with problem solving and critical thinking as the starting point. This higher-order thinking process culminates in the communication of ideas, a key component of the 21st century skill set, through a creation of artwork. Artists communicate not only through their own artwork, but also by learning about art through place and time. Artistic literacy sequentially builds capacity for students to be independent learners who are capable of making informed decisions regarding their participation in the arts, as students and throughout their lives.

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Susan LaBarbera - FAPA Instructional Leader -Art
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Suzanne Brandt - FAPA Instructional Leader -Art
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Learner Goals

Art Program Goals

By the end of the 12th grade, students will create, perform, and respond with understanding to the visual arts. They will develop in-depth skills in at least one art form, appreciate the arts and expressing human experiences, and be prepared to apply their arts knowledge and skills throughout their lifetime .

Creative Self Expression
Students will develop an appreciation for and a sense of confidence in creating their own works of art.

Global and Cultural Awareness
Students will be exposed to a diversity of art from different cultures and be aware of its significance in the world today.

Communication, Collaboration, and Innovation
Students will create new ideas to solve problems by working collaboratively with peers, their community, and globally through collaboration with educational establishments.

Technology Skills and Concepts
Students will develop an understanding of the effects and utilization and technology in the field of visual arts.

Foundation Skills
Students will develop an appropriate level of artist proficiency in a variety of artistic media.

Program Guiding Principles

Art Program Core Principles

The Wilton Public Schools has established the following core principles for Visual Art Students K-12:

  • Students will use a broad range of media, including 2-D, 3-D and technology, to express ideas and create art.
  • Students will develop a wide variety of skills based on learning specific media based techniques.Students will create art that expresses ideas and content across a broad range of 2-D, 3-D, electronic and technological media.
  • Students will use a wide variety of art-specific vocabulary in critical dialogue and applied reflective writing in response to their own art and the artwork of others.
  • Students will develop and use the traits associated with creativity by engaging in artistic problem solving and artistic habits of mind. Students will expand creative thinking through art projects and art assignments.
  • Students will make and describe connections between art and, art experiences, and art history to their own work, the work of others, across curricula, and the world around them.
  • Students will use technology as an expressive and efficient tool for developing, executing and communicating artistic content.

  • Students will express the power and function of artistic visualization and visual literacy through activities in critical visual analysis, and by interpreting,judging and creating artistic content.

Curriculum State & National Standards

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