Digital Literacy

Curriculum Overview

Technology can no longer be viewed as a learning enhancer; it must be viewed as a foundational piece of living in the 21st century. - Justin Tarte @justintarte

Literacies in the digital age are paramount to the development of responsible, ethical, compassionate global citizens who are creative and critical thinkers. The power of these literacies lies in a learner’s ability to strategically:

  • Access, evaluate, curate and synthesize information
  • Connect and collaborate with others, locally and globally
  • Produce and share innovative ideas, products and processes to solve problems, take informed action or pursue a personal goal
  • Select a variety of tools and resources to achieve personalized learning goals
  • Read widely and deeply, using a variety of formats, for enjoyment, personal growth and independent learning.

Our learners will encounter careers and industries yet to be conceived. The Library Learning Commons program will ensure our students are proficient in existing and evolving literacies that are essential to their success in the future.

Curriculum Resources and Guides