Scientific Research-Based Intervention (SRBI)


What is SRBI?

SRBI is a federally mandated instructional system designed to ensure that all students receive targeted instruction that meets their individual academic and social-emotional needs. Specifically, SRBI provides a clearly defined framework for support to students who are struggling to learn.

This support initiative is referred to as Response to Intervention, or RTI, on a national level. Connecticut has adopted its own Response to Intervention mandate, referred to as SRBI, or Scientific Research-Based Intervention.

Connecticut’s SRBI mandate requires each school district to have a systematic process for early identification of all students who demonstrate a lack of progress toward meeting grade level standards and a clearly articulated system of support designed to catch them up. The ultimate goal of SRBI is to provide a seamless structure of instruction, on-going assessment, and targeted intervention as needed so that all students experience continuous growth and achievement.

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