Digital Learning

We are pleased to announce the K-12 implementation of our Ready-Access Digital Learning Plan! Our plan puts students first by supporting teaching and learning anywhere, anytime and in all ways. Ready-access describes an environment that provides digital tools and resources when and how they will best enhance, support and advance learning. Empowering our students and ensuring our teachers have the infrastructure, tools and pedagogical knowledge are critical components. As we all embark on this exciting journey into what's possible through the use of online tools, expertise, and connections. We are committed on providing teachers, parents and students the space, place and resources to meet their learning goals with abundant choice. Ours is a three-year phase-in to give everyone an opportunity to explore, share, learn and celebrate with each other. Check back often for updates.

Purpose of This Site

The information on this site will help teachers, students, parents and community members explore the many innovative ways that technology can and does enhance teaching and learning throughout all curriculum areas and prepare our students for an ever-changing world including:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs),
  • Presentations
  • Procedures
  • Digital Toolset Information
  • Digital Citizenship Bootcamp / Curriculum
  • Purchasing a Device for BYOD program for Wilton High School



Vision for Digital Learning

    • Students and staff members in the Wilton Public Schools leverage technology to innovate, collaborate, think critically and contribute meaningfully in a globally connected society. Technology in the Wilton Public Schools empowers students to excel in a personalized learning environment through rigorous curriculum that fosters authentic problem solving, empathy, and social responsibility.

Ready-Access Digital Learning Goals

    • Creating a digital environment that supports student-centered, personalized and innovative instructional practices.
    • Implementing a ready-access to technology and consistent resources for all learners and staff the support personalized learning.
    • Building the core competencies of staff and administrators to leverage the tools and resources in service of personalized learning.
    • Designing, developing and deploying a robust and reliable infrastructure to support students, staff and administrators.