Continuity of Learning Plan

Wilton Public Schools has designed a plan for continuity of instruction in order to support our students and families in times of exceptional challenges.  This eLearning plan was designed to specifically address the possible extended school closure resulting from COVID-19 but to also to support students during other special circumstances such as those related to weather events or other emergency situations necessitating a school closure.   

It is important to note that the skills of navigating an online classroom, accessing and completing a learning experience asynchronously and establishing routines, applying  digital citizenship and skills also support students’ learning any time whether they are absent due to sickness or simply continuing their learning at home after school.   Finally, eLearning cannot and does not replicate onsite learning, however, through eLearning, our teachers can use the tools available to them digitally to meet the needs of our students for a structured routine, normalcy and continuity of learning.


When a closure is made, an announcement will be communicated via School Messenger and posted on our website.

School Days and Make-up Days

The continuity of learning plan has been designed to minimize interruption in our students’ learning, maintain routine and normalcy in a challenging situation.   At this time, we need to operate as though make-up days will be necessary.   If conditions necessitating school closure persist for an extensive period of time, then we will reevaluate the situation.

Guidelines for eLearning Days

Plans will be posted by teachers using Google Classroom (grades 3-12);

Students in K-2 will be provided with “Go Boxes of Resources” and communication of learning.

  • For all our students - the eLearning program will include the following:
  • Clear communication of lesson objectives
  • Opportunities to interact/engage with learning (how students will practice, extend, apply new information or skills, and demonstrate their learning), 
  • An assessment or feedback component 
  • A variety of tools may be used to provide mini-lessons, assignments, resources, discussion prompts and assessments.
  • Most importantly - Balance of work and breaks during the day are critical when engaging in eLearning - especially in challenging situations.
  • Teachers will do their best to provide all required resources in an online format and supplement with printed materials, if and when available. While eLearning is not constructed to require synchronous participation, teachers and specialists will be available to support students and answer questions via email during the normal school day.  In addition, there may be check-ins using Google Hangout/Meet if needed.

eLearning Plan & Guidelines for Students, Parents and Teachers