What is PowerSchool?


PowerSchool is the Wilton Public Schools' Student Information System intended to support school operations and family engagement.  

What information can I access through PowerSchool Parent Portal? The PowerSchool Parent Portal includes grades, progress, attendance, and more.

Can I access the parent portal before I register my child at a school?  No. You must first complete the registration of your child at a school after which you will receive an access ID for Powerschool.

What do I do if I have forgotten/misplaced my user name and/or password?
You will be able to use the "reset password" feature through PowerSchool.

Can I change my personal and contact information online?
No, information must be given to your school's secretary to make the change.

What do I do if information on the parent portal is incorrect?
Contact your child’s school to discuss information you believe is inaccurate. Teachers should be the first contact for grading concerns.