Summer Learning: Sailing to September

Ready-Access for Summer Learning

Wilton Public Schools is thrilled to provide all our students an opportunity to sail into the summer - and September - with access to resources and digital tools to fit any student's learning interests. Our "

Summer Reading Booklet

Sail to September" program extends ready-access into the summer with something for everyone. Whether a student is home on a rainy day, needs a great book for a day in the sun, or just wants to practice math, science or technology skills, Wilton Public Schools provides access to meet those needs.

The Flipbook provided here (the image will take you to an eBook too) includes reading suggestions from our Learning Commons staff, ELA departments and Wilton Public Library. CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO OPEN UP FLIP BOOK or CLICK HERE.

NOTE - It's important that you check with each school for any special requirements.  At Middlebrook, there are no specific title requirements (so enjoy) - however, students should read at least three books during the summer.

The Math, Science and Technology practice section below includes a variety of links to practice STEM skills. Included are summer work opportunities for students finishing 6th and 7th grade. There is a packet available as well as IXL practice. The summer work is optional; however, we do encourage students to continue to practice their mathematical skills over the summer.

Chromebook Take-Home Program for Students Entering Grades 6-9 - Summer 2019

Ready-Access Summer Learning Letter to Parents

While all students have access to these resources from home, our students entering Grades 6-9 in September 2019 will also be permitted to take their device home for the summer, providing a great transition to middle school for our 5th graders and ongoing access to their own device through the summer for all students entering 7th and 8th grades. Our 9th grade students will be asked to return the chromebooks at Wilton High School as they will be asked to bring their own device from home (BYOD Program). Please note that this does NOT represent required work for the summer (unless specifically requested by a WHS department - check with those departments).

Have a wonderful, restful summer break!


Ready-Access Summer Learning

PreK-12 Summer Reading

The recommendations provided in the Summer Reading Booklet were curated with the help of Wilton Public Library, our Library Learning Commons staff and Reading/Writing teachers.

In addition to our valued partnership with the Wilton Public Library for great programs in the summer, we are also providing directions and access to a K-12 collection of eBooks through Overdrive.



Math, Science and Technology Practice

Suggested Practice Tools & Grade-Level Guidelines for IXL:

Use the following link to access the IXL Practice exercises:


IXL Summer Review for students going into Pre-Alg 8, Geo 8, and Alg 8

Khan Academy


Sailing into Summer Parent Presentation

Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities

Explore our "Virtual Makerspace" - a collection of activities and online resources that combine fun with learning. For parents - be sure to ensure your children are using the FREE version of the activity if online. If you'd like to have them sign-up, you will need to give them your permission to do so. Some of the resources include username/passwords provided on the image. Have fun indoors and out this summer!

Math Summer Learning Opportunities