Health Benefits Information

Teachers & Administrators who are at least .5 FTE and all other Wilton Board of Education employees who are at least .6 FTE are eligible to enroll in the Health Benefits plan. They must do so within 30 days of their start date, during the annual open enrollment period, or if they experience a qualifying event as defined by the IRS in this document. Per IRS guidelines, qualifying events must be reported to Human Resources within 30 days of their occurrence.

The annual open enrollment period is the month of May, with changes taking effect the following July 1.

We typically conduct one or two information sessions for employees during the month of May. However, employees can contact Human Resources at any time to obtain benefit or eligibility information.

Get the most out of your health benefit plan by registering at Once you register, you can take advantage of online prescription ordering, discounts, and healthy lifestyle programs.

You can also register with Guardian which will allow you to view your dental claims online.