Wilton Reads 2020

Tales from the Jazz Age

Wilton Public Schools is very proud to once again partner with the Wilton Library on the Community Reads program. Reading a common book provides a perfect springboard for a community-wide, inter-generational conversation that will enrich all of us.

This year our entire school community will be involved in a conversation about music and specifically the importance of jazz in our American culture and history. The selection of books will provide a context and opportunity to celebrate the art while being steeped in a unique history and culture

The selected title chosen by Wilton library is Tales of The Jazz Age, by F. Scott Fitzgerald,  it is a collection of 11 short stories published in 1922, most had been published earlier in national magazines. This collection contains probably his most famous short story, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,   The Wilton Library has extensive programming planned - refer to their Wilton Reads 2020 Landing Page for Details.

Please refer to both the Wilton Library events and the school-based events to share this experience with your children.

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