Genesis Program

Building where Genesis Program is held


WELCOME TO GENESIS!The Genesis alternative program is a comprehensive approach to learning that not only builds academic skills, but also fosters growth in independence, self-efficacy, resilience, goal-setting, futures planning, and intensive engagement. This innovative school challenges students academically and holds them accountable to the standards of  21st Century Learning. Our environment promotes student engagement through project-based learning, and in addition to this smaller environment, students are able to access the enrichment and extracurricular activities offered by the main campuses. This dynamic allows for a continued connection to peers, teachers, and community.

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    The Team

    Telephone: 203.665.0495

    Eileen Wheeler, Special Ed.   

    Ext. 6605

    Allison Hourani, Mental Health      

    Ext. 6606

    Brett Amero, STEM     

    Ext. 6604

    Tom Koch, Humanities     

    Ext. 6607

    The Goals

    Objective 1:  Increase student attendance rate

    Objective 2:  Increase academic success

    Objective 3:  Students 16 and older will have the opportunity to participate in a career experience aligned to their post-secondary goals and objectives

    Objective 4:  Students will use adaptive coping strategies to manage anxiety and practice proactive self-regulation

    Objective 5: Students will complete and articulate a post-secondary transition plan based on their choices, interests, and aptitudes

    The Application

    Please the button below to the Wilton High School Information page. There you will see a drop down menu for GENESIS program referral application.


    The Brochure

    Please click on the image below to view the presentation.