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Recommended Books

Essay Writing

The Best College Essays, Stewart, Mark & Cynthia C. Muchnick
A collection of essays and a section written by Admission Directors from Amherst, University of Chicago, Columbia, Duke, Grinnell, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, Stanford, Wesleyan, Williams, and Yale explaining the college application process.

The College Application Essay, McGinty, Myers
College Board guidelines for writing unique essays, plus 50 sample essays.

Do-It Write, Ripple, Gary G., Ph.D (Octameron 8th Edition)
How to prepare a great college application from the former Director of Admission at Lafayette College and the College of William and Mary. Shows you why some essays work (and others don't).

Essays That Worked:50 Essays from Successful Applications to the Nation's Top Colleges, Curry, Bodkin & Kasper, Brian
Spectacular essays. This book does not tell you how to write an essay, but presents specific examples.

On Writing the College Application Essay, Bauld, Harry
An ex-admissions officer from Brown University explains how admission officers look at the application and explains what constitutes a great essay. A step-by-step approach to essay writing.

Navigating the Admission Process

A Is For Admission:The Insider's Guide To Getting Into The Ivy League and Other Top Colleges, Hernandez, Michele A.
Written by a former admissions officer at Dartmouth. Hernandez reveals how Ivy League schools rank applicants using a formula called an Academic Index (AI). This book presents hard facts and a "how to" on distinguishing yourself from your competition.

College Admissions: A Crash course for Panicked Parents, Rubenstone Sally & Dalby,
Questions and answers covering everything from college preparation and the application process to dealing with decision letters.

College Admissions, Getting Into The College of Your Choice, The Princeton Review
Practical, real-life advice on issues that are important as you apply to college. An honest look at the college admissions process.

The Fiske Guide to Getting Into The Right College, Fiske, Edward B.
An overview of how to choose colleges that are right for you and making your application as strong as possible.

Get Into Any College:Secrets of Harvard Students, Tanabe, Gen S., Tanabe, Kelly Y.
Advice from Harvard graduates on test taking, the application and admission process.

Getting In: Inside the College Admissions Process, Paul, Bill
Written by a graduate of Princeton University. Real insight into the Princeton admission process.

How to Get Into College, Kaplan/Newsweek
Annual review with articles on the admission process.

The Unofficial Guide to College Admissions, Turlington, Shannon (IDG Books)
An extensive guide explaining the application process and how to select the right school for you.

50 Things You Can Do To Get Into The College of Your Choice, Turner, O'Neil
A guide to planning for college starting as a high school Freshman.

Campuses, Students and College Life.

The Best 361 Colleges, Annually, The Princeton Review
Students speak out on campus life, academics and quality of life at the school. "What's Hot/What's Not" categories and much more. Good solid information.

Colleges that Change Lives, Pope, Loren
40 schools you should know about even if you're not a straight-A student. Little gems!

The College Finder, Antonoff, Steven. Ph.D.
Written by the former Dean of Admission at the University of Denver. More than 1,000 colleges categorized into 475 different lists. An all purpose guide that answers all your questions with lists.

The Fiske Guide to Colleges, Fiske, Edward B.
Rates the social life, academics, quality of life, food and extracurricular activities at 175 schools. Enjoyable, easy reading.

The Gourman Report, Gourman, Jack, MD.
A rating system of undergraduate programs in American and International Universities by a former professor of Political Science and a CEO. Ratings for specific curriculum as well as the quality of the administration, libraries and the athletic/academic balance.

The Insiders Guide to the Colleges, The Yale Daily News
The only college guide written by students for students. Insight into more than 300 colleges.

Ivy League Programs at State School Prices, Sullivan, Robert, R. (Arco books)
Honors programs at state schools. A "more for your money" guide with ratings.

Making A Difference, Weinstein, Miriam
Colleges that allow you to graduate and "make a difference" in the world today.

Comprehensive College Guides

America's Best Colleges, US News & World Report
The magazine's annual rankings.

Barron's Profiles of American Colleges, Annually
A favorite guide for college facts. Free Windows/Mac disk included. Colleges are listed by state with information on admission requirements, academic programs, tuition, student faculty ratio, athletics, extracurricular, campus life, fax numbers and Web Sites. Ranks each school according to its degree of competitiveness.

The College Handbook, The College Board
Includes two and four year colleges in one book. Index of colleges offering NCAA Div I, II, & III sports. Major fields of study by discipline, early decision & early action schools and their deadlines. Schools listed by state.

Guide to College Selection, Kaplan: Annually (Simon & Schuster, Kaplan)
College search, advice, admission, financial aid and campus profiles. Workbook questionnaire for making the decision about where to go to college included.

Lovejoy's College Guide, Lovejoy's Educational Guides
A comprehensive directory of over 2,500-4 year colleges, 2 year colleges, graduate schools and professional schools. Lists admissions requirements and application procedures along with a sports index and scholarship data. Includes a career curricula list of over 500 career related fields from accounting to zoology.

Peterson's Four Year Colleges, Peterson's
Three books in one; college search indexes, informative profiles of Colleges/Universities and in-depth descriptions detailing academic programs, campus life and athletics. Listings by state.

Financial Aid

Cash for College, McKee, Cynthia & Phillip

A guide to college scholarships with over 4,000 listings. A step-by-step process of researching and applying for money and the "At-A-Glance Scholarship Index".

Don't Miss Out, Leider, Anna & Robert (Octameron)
The Ambitious Student's Guide to Financial Aid. How financial aid really works and how to get your fair share. Advice on the best short term/long term planning strategies and what the Financial Aid office expects from you.

Paying For College, Chany, Kalman, A. & Martz, Geoff
A complete guide on everything the college financial aid officers won't tell you and everything you never thought to ask.