What are the Library Learning Commons hours?
We are open from 7:30am – 3:30 pm Monday through Friday

Who are the Library Learning Commons staff members?Ms. Lyons and Ms. Whiting are the library media specialists. Our aide staff includes Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Chann, Mrs. Kurtz and Mrs. Trofa.

Can I go to the Library Learning Commons during my study hall?Yes. You must check into study hall first, and get permission to go to the Library Learning Commons.

How can I get help with my online account access?Mrs. Chann can help you with iPrism, Powerschool, Overdrive, Naviance and WHS GoogleApps logins. Noodletools and Destiny use SSO (Single sign on) with your Google apps account.

What magazines and newspapers does the Library Learning Commons carry?
We subscribe to the print edition of the NY Times and the local Wilton papers, and we have about 50 print magazine subscriptions. We archive periodical issues from the past 6 months. We also have full text access to many other periodicals through ResearchITCT, available on our database page.

How do I access the database page on the WHS LLC website?
Password hint

Can I print my homework, copy an article, or borrow supplies in the Library Learning Commons?
Yes, yes and yes! We want to help you get your work done, as long as you are considerate of others. Short documents and a few copies are fine. Long documents should be printed at home. We do not presently have the capability for students to print from their personal devices, so you will need to log into iPrism on one of our laptops. For a class set of copies, ask at the front desk. As for borrowing supplies, just step up to the Garage/Innovation Center to borrow markers, tape, scissors, glue sticks, etc. Please be considerate and return what you borrow so others can use. Need something that is not at the project center? Ask at the help desk.

Where can I charge my device?
You are responsible for having a charged device in class. Be sure to charge your device at home, and bring your charger to utilize the available charging stations and/or powerstrips in the LLC and your classrooms. The LLC does not have chargers to loan out for personal devices. Personal devices may not be left to charge in the LLC or elsewhere in the building.

If I need to borrow a device, may I?
Devices may be borrowed for daily checkout if your device is being repaired or otherwise unavailable. They must be returned at the end of the day, and are not available for overnight checkout. Late fines will be charged at $2.00 per day,capping out at the cost of the device replacement.

Do I need to log into Destiny to look for a library book?
You don’t need to be logged into Destiny to search for a title in our Library Learning Commons, however, if you want to create Resource lists, recommend books to others, create an MLA citation sheet, place a hold on a book or see what you have checked out, then you’ll need to log in. Use your school google username and password to access these advanced features of Destiny. See Mrs. Chann if you have any issues logging in.

Can I borrow an audio book?
Yes. We have access to eAudiobooks through OverDrive, our online subscription ebook service- ask us about it!

Is there a place for quiet work in the Library Learning Commons?
Our library learning commons is usually a busy place, but a great spot to get work done is at the study carrels and work stations on the mezzanine level and “U” shaped area behind the Help Desk. By sitting there, you are agreeing not to talk. It’s a great way to let your friends know that it’s “crunch time” and you need to get some work done.

Can I come to the Library Learning Commons during my lunch wave?
Lunch must be eaten in the cafeteria, not in the Library Learning Commons.

I've never taken out a book before. What do I do?
Just step right up to the help desk and tell us your name. Books circulate for three weeks, and reference books circulate overnight.

Can I check out a magazine?
The most recent issues of magazines need to remain in the library, but back issues (located in the workroom behind the circulation desk) may be checked out. Just bring them to the help desk for a temporary barcode.

Do you have copies of textbooks in the Library Learning Commons?
We have several textbooks, but not all. Ask at the front desk to borrow a textbook for in-library use. If we do not have the one you need, you will have to get an extra copy from the department workroom.