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Committee Assignments

Committee Assignments / Liaisons

2019-2020 Assignments
AgrScience Liaison: TBD if needed

Area Nine Cable Council: Fran Kompar

Building Projects Committee: Glen Hemmerle

CABE representative: Ruth DeLuca

Cooperative Educational Services: Deborah Low

Digital Advisory Committee: Ruth DeLuca

Legal Services Review: Ruth DeLuca

Municipal Pension Committee: Deborah Low


Wilton Administrators: TBD

Wilton Educators: TBD

Wilton Custodians: TBD


Notes from the Board Table: TBD             

Other Post Employee Benefits (OPEB): Glenn Hemmerle

SEPTA Liaison: Jennifer Lalor

PTA Liaison:

Ruth DeLuca - Cider Mill & Middlebrook

Mandi Schmauch - Miller Driscoll &WHS

Standing Committees

Business Operations: Glenn Hemmerle / Deborah Low

Policy, Communications / Alignment: Gretchen Jeanes / Ruth DeLuca

Teaching and Learning: Jennifer Lalor / Mandi Schmauch

Wilton Education Foundation: Gretchen Jeanes

*Wilton Energy Commission: Glenn Hemmerle

Wilton Youth Council: Deborah Low

*Board of Selectman appointed position


A document of all assignments and liaisons is available below: