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Chromebook Care and Replacement

chromebookChromebook Care & Replacement

Digital Care

  • Chromebooks should be kept away from heat, direct sunlight, and water.

Digital Safety

  • Refer to Technology Responsible Use for guidelines and digital citizenship bootcamp.

What do I do if my child’s chromebook needs to be repaired?

  • During the school year, your child should visit the Library Learning Commons at established hours.  The LLC staff will help your child resolve the issue or lend them a loaner until the unit is repaired.  

  • Chromebooks will be repaired as quickly as possible, loaners may be provided while the Chromebook is out for repair.  

  • DO NOT attempt to do repairs on your own.

Replacement Costs

  • If the Chromebook is damaged beyond repair or lost, we follow the same procedure as we do for lost textbooks or library books.  Our replacement costs are designed to ensure that students are responsible and accountable for the district-issued equipment.  For all repair costs, the Technology Responsible Use Policy applies.  See Costs are as follows:

Lost Chromebook (most devices) $60.00
Damaged Chromebook (not covered under warranty) $60.00
Lost Chromebook (Brand-new Device) $300.00