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Application Process

Application Process

College Application Process

Correspondence with College

E-mail schools for information.

Create a Resume

This is important--you will need this for interviews and college applications--keep it updated--include your name, address, honors/awards/; extra curricular activities; volunteer activities; employment and athletic activities--(samples in the College Career Resource Center).

Campus Visits

Call or e-mail the admissions office to set up an appointment for tours and/or interviews at least two weeks in advance--if you schedule a personal interview bring your resume, a copy of your unofficial transcript and a copy of the Wilton High School Profile (on our WHS Website)--send a thank you note to the interviewer and to the tour guide.

Teacher Recommendations

Please ask one or two teachers (check individual college requirements) for a recommendation--this should be a teacher from your Junior or Senior year and who knows you well. Some teachers request notification in the Spring of Junior year.

Don't forget to write a thank you note to the teacher and let them know which college you will be attending next fall.

SAT / ACT Scores

It is your responsibility to send all scores to the colleges to which you are applying--remember deadlines--WHS will no longer release your scores.

Completing the College Application

The Counselor Recommendation form and The School Report form are sent to the Colleges based on the college application deadline date. Reminder: Counselors need 3 weeks notice.
There are two major parts to the College application:
Yours: The Undergraduate Admission Student Information form. 
WHS Counselor: Counselor Recommendation Form and School Summary Report--Your counselor will send these forms. .


NCAA - Athletics

Please register with the National Collegiate Athlete Association Clearinghouse (NCAA). Register online at before the spring of your Junior year.

From the NCAA Clearinghouse Website, prospective student-athletes are able to access information needed to understand the Division I and Division II eligibility requirements, register with the Clearinghouse and access individual Clearinghouse records.

If you did not fill out an NCAA form in the Spring of Junior year and you plan to play a sport in college, please file immediately. You need to clear NCAA as soon as possible in order to make official visits to any college.
Please make sure you have a transcript release form on file in the Guidance Office. Guidance will send your transcript to NCAA.

Click here for the NCAA Sports Sponsorship Directory- Lists of NCAA Schools and Conferences by Division (can also be sorted by state) and Lists of NCAA Schools and Conferences by Sport (can also be sorted by state)