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Summer Learning: Sailing to September

Summer Learning: Sailing to September

Wilton Public Schools are delighted to offer students a chance to immerse themselves in reading and learning all summer long through our Summer Learning program. We hope you'll have a delightful summer.

Summer Reading Lists:  We've curated a K-12 Summer Reading Booklet featuring a variety of titles. Additionally, we've compiled a district-wide collection of eBooks accessible through Overdrive/Sora, ideal for students on-the-go this summer. Do check out the offerings at the Wilton Library as well.  Our e-books can be accessed through the Sora App (eBooks, Audio Books). Directions for eBooks Access - Sora App (eBooks, Audio Books) (SORA FAQs).


Wilton Public Schools Summer Reading 2024 comes with some essential notes.

Ensure you confirm with each school for any specific requirements.



Summer Reading Resources

Math, Science, STEM Practice

Miller Driscoll & Cider Mill


For Miller Driscoll & Cider Mill students, you are encouraged to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. Have fun with reading!

 K-12 Summer Reading Booklet (pp 1-6)


Keep an eye out for a Summer Learning letter from the Cider Mill staff and administration.


Math Summer Work Link for Cider Mill



Middlebrook students, while you don't have specific title requirements, we encourage you to read at least three books over the summer. 

 K-12 Summer Reading Booklet (pp 7-9)

Middlebrook Summer Reading (Visual w/QR Codes!)


This summer math practice is designed to be flexible and student-driven, allowing learners to explore math at their own pace and on their own schedule. The links are provided for practice but are not mandatory.

Math Summer Work 



Summer Reading: 

 Link to recommended reading list

For WHS students, please consult with individual departments/teachers for your required reading.

  K-12 Summer Reading Booklet (pp 10-12)


For WHS students, please consult with individual departments/teachers for your summer work assignments.


WHS Summer Work Information

Any Grade Rainy Day & Fun Activities  Check out the Family Resources Website for Live Events, Virtual Field Trips, Author Read-Alouds, Making Activities & Fun.


Caring for your Chromebook 

The following contains a checklist titled “Caring for your Chromebook” to guide you on maintaining your device over the summer.  As you embark on your summer learning adventure, it's crucial to maintain your Chromebook's health and safety.

  • Avoid exposing it to heat, direct sunlight, and water
  • Always plug it into a surge protector when not in use.
  • Families should continue to supervise home use as during the school year,
  • and remember that Gaggle monitoring will persist over the summer.
  • If your Chromebook requires repair, contact the receptionist at the BOE office at 203-762-3381 to coordinate an exchange of the device during the summer.  Please do not attempt any repairs yourself. If your device is lost or damaged beyond repair, consult our replacement costs information on our website.