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Recognizing a diverse student population, the English Department has designed a program that respects each student’s interests, abilities, and goals. At the same time, the program acknowledges the common need of all students to think critically and communicate effectively through reading and writing.  In this program, the students move through sequentially required courses that advance the skills of reading, writing, grammar, language appreciation, vocabulary development, speech, listening, and literary analysis. In addition, they select appropriate literature courses from offerings of varied content on graduated levels of sophistication.  Students who wish to take two English courses in one semester must seek the advice of their counselor and are expected to consult with their English teacher.   Students may not take two English classes in one half of the year and none in the other.

  • One year in grade 9 and grade 10

  • One semester of Writing Skills 11 or Expository Writing and one semester in a literature course in grade 11.

  • Two semesters of English, including at least one semester in a literature course in grade 12.

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