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Counseling Information

School Counseling
Welcome to the WHS Counseling Department
CEEB and ACT Code 070938
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School Counseling Google Site


The purpose of the School Counseling Department is to help meet the ongoing educational, personal and post high school planning needs of students through counseling and related activities and to provide assistance to teachers and parents as needed and requested.

A school psychologist and a social worker are available to provide additional services. The School Counselors encourage their students to stop by and make appointments to discuss their academic and personal progress.

  • Pamela Scott, Instructional Leader; School Counselor 
    Jaclyn Porco, School Counselor

    Pamela Carlson, 504 Secretary

    Sue Mangan, College Secretary

    Sandi Lund, WHS Registrar

    Christine Collins, College Career Resource Center Coordinator

    Deborah Marino, School Counselor

    Daniel Pompa, School Counselor

    Matthew Rosen, School Counselor

    Jennifer Verdura, School Counselor

    Jennifer Vonella, School Counselor