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Counseling Information

Wilton High School Counseling Department
CEEB and ACT Code 070938

School Counselors spend their time addressing the developmental needs of students academically, socially, and emotionally. They are in frequent communication with faculty, staff, and parents/guardians to advocate for their students and coordinate services to access their secondary education and help plan for life after high school. School Counselors work hard to provide the best school experience for all students.

Any student who wishes to meet with their School Counselor individually should make an appointment in advance. In emergencies, however, students should feel free to come in to see their counselor without advance notice. If the counselor is unavailable, the student should visit Mrs. Palmer, School Counseling Secretary, who can assist the student in accessing support.

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Sue Palmer- School Counseling Secretary-

Laura Rowley- 504 Secretary-

Sandi Lund- Registrar-