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COVID-19: Wilton Public Schools Novel Coronavirus Disease Information

As you may know, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued new guidance for individuals with respiratory viruses including COVID, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).  The CDC guidance and related FAQs are linked for your convenience, and language from the CDC website is included below as an overview.  Please note that the Wilton Public Schools follow CDC guidance on these matters and will follow the protocols below for respiratory viruses.  

  • If you may be sick with a respiratory virus, stay home and stay away from others.

  • Return to work or school when BOTH are true: you've been fever free without fever-reducing aids for at least 24 hours AND symptoms have been improving overall for at least 24 hours.

  • Added precautions are recommended for the five days after you return to your daily activities: wearing a mask, taking steps for cleaner air, practicing good hygiene, physical distancing, and testing when you will be around others indoors. 

Our school health offices remain available to support you should you have any questions regarding this new guidance.  Anyone seeking guidance about individual situations or unique circumstances should consider consulting with their medical provider.