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Wilton Public Schools does not publish bus routes for security reasons.

• Morning pickup times are listed in PowerSchool. Please note that the pickup times are approximate.
• Please have your student wait at his or her assigned stop.
• Please have your student outside 10 minutes earlier than his or her bus pickup time, as the time may vary due to weather or traffic conditions.
• All students should wear provided seat belts and sit straight ahead in their seats.
• Students who must cross the road for their stop should NOT USE cell phones or any electronics while crossing.
• When crossing the road, students must wait until:
- the bus has stopped
- the crossing gate is opened
- the driver gives the nod that it is safe to cross.
• Cider Mill and Miller-Driscoll students should not sit in the back of the bus unless the bus is full. Students are to fill in the first available seat upon entering the school bus.
• Middlebrook students are to sit towards the front of the school bus.
• Wilton High School students are to sit towards the rear of the bus.
• Backpacks and other carry-ons must be placed on the student's lap or by the student's feet. No items may be placed in the aisles or rear emergency exit area.
• Parents are not allowed on Wilton School buses except in certain instances (i.e. first day of school PTA program, field trip chaperone responsibilities).






Articles of clothing left on a bus are placed in the Lost & Found bin outside the office at the bus terminal. If your child has lost or left something of value other than clothing on a bus, please contact the bus company directly at (203) 762-8600. They will ask you for the child's bus number, date lost, and a description of the article.

Special Bus Assignments are listed can be found by following this link. Locations are provided ONLY when the stop can be assigned to an existing route and seating is available. Transport will be denied for students who are not assigned to a bus if space is not available on any given day.
• Please note we cannot guarantee that arrival times will meet the needs of the students or the programs taking place at the destinations.
• For Middlebrook/Wilton High School students, please note that the buses going to the library on Godfrey Place are generally NOT able to transport students not assigned to these buses, as priority must be given to students who are going home. Please have an alternate form of transportation planned.
• Cider Mill and Miller-Driscoll parents MUST use School Dismissal Manager (SDM) for students to ride special assignment buses if their students are not assigned to them. On SDM, parents may send their students to various organizations and businesses around town that have after- school programs. However, we cannot have students use these stops if they are not registered for a program at one of the designated locations. After-school programs listed on SDM receive emailed lists each day of students scheduled to arrive at their stop. They will call the school if a name appears on the list that is not one of their students and the parents will be contacted to make alternate arrangements.

We are looking forward to a safe and efficient year ahead for all of our students riding buses.

If you have questions about your child's bus route please email or call 203.762.3381 ext 8326