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Introducing Parent Square - Webinar Information and Set-Up Instructions

Posted Date: 8/17/23 (8:16 AM)

Dear Families,

As you may know, we formally transitioned from School Messenger to our new unified communications platform, Parent Square.  This will be the platform we use for communicating with you this school year.  Parent Square provides a safe way for the district, schools and school-based organizations to send and receive school and district information.  The platform is visually-appealing and offers several interactive features.  Additionally, there are other tools such as calendar items, polls and RSVPs for events.  We are particularly excited about the integration of Parent Square with our website making it easy to share information through our website (or social media) from Parent Square.  The following provides directions for parents on getting started with Parent Square and, for those that want additional information/help, information about an upcoming Webinar.

Please review the directions below and as well as links to support you in setting up your account to receive communications from the district or your child(ren)’s school(s).

If you have additional questions after setting up your Parent Square account, feel free to join us for a tutorial webinar on August 31st via Zoom.  The workshop includes a refresher on Schoology as well as an introduction to Parent Square.  The Schoology refresher will start at 6:30pm and the Parent Square tutorial at 7:00 pm

Webinar/Workshop:  Schoology Refresher/Parent Square Introduction

August 31,  2023

6:30 - 7:30 pm

Zoom Session - Please use the following link:

Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2023-24 school year.

Fran Kompar
Director of Digital Learning
Wilton Public Schools

Getting Started with Parent Square:

  •  Access Parent Square login

    Open the page from your laptop/desktop: OR download the Parent Square app from the App Store or Google Play.  Just download the ParentSquare app (available for free for iOS and Android devices).   You can also use the QR codes provided below.

  • Log-in with your email or phone registered with your school via PowerSchool

  • Make sure your school has the correct email address and/or phone number.  Call your child’s school office if there is a discrepancy to correct it.  

  • You will be receiving an email asking you to register for Parent Square in the coming days, if you haven’t already done so.  Be on the lookout for this email.

  • IMPORTANT:  You may need to re-register for an account to Parent Square as we reset the data to reflect the new school year.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


In order to provide parents with flexibility in how they receive communications from the school district, families will be able to adjust their notification settings as follows: settings including:

  •  All at one time in a digest form, this will be sent between 5-6pm each school day.

  • Individually when they are sent, this will allow you to receive messages in real-time.

  • Through the Parent Square portal - you have a view to see what has been sent at all times by logging into the Parent Square portal

Set your notification preferences in Parent Square as detailed below.


For additional step-by-step instructions, please refer to the following slide deck:  

Getting Started with Parent Square

If you have any questions regarding the process, click the question mark in the top right corner of the desktop version or the Help tab on the app (tap the triple bar icon at the top left) to find answers to most of your questions.