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Informational Message: CT Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) National Alerting Test

Posted Date: 10/03/23 (6:52 AM)

395 Danbury Road
Wilton, Connecticut 06897

Kevin Smith, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Charles Smith, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent
Curriculum and Instruction
Andrea Leonardi
Assistant Superintendent
Special Services
Maria Coleman
Director, Human Resources and General Administration
Dawn Norton
Chief Financial Officer

Dear Parents, Guardians, Caregivers and Staff,

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) plans a nationwide mobile alert test that will send an emergency SMS to all cellphones in the United States. In coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the national test will be administered at approximately 2:20 p.m. ET on Wednesday, October 4. It will consist of two portions that will test Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) and Emergency Alert System (EAS) capabilities. The WEA portion of the test will be directed to all consumer cell phones. The messaging will be displayed in either English or Spanish, depending on the language settings of the phone. The EAS portion of the test will be sent to radios and televisions. 


Kevin J. Smith, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools

What's the Buzz at Cider Mill (Family Update 09/29/23)

Posted Date: 9/29/23 (12:36 PM)

What’s the Buzz at Cider Mill School (Family Update for 9/29/23)

Fall is in the air!  It is amazing how fast we turned the corner from hot and humid days to chilly fall mornings. The heat in Cider Mill will be turned on early next week. Don’t forget that Friday (October 6th) is an early-release (12:00 pm dismissal) professional learning day and there is no school for students on October 9th (Columbus/Indigenous Peoples Day) or October 10th (professional learning for teachers). As always, reach out to if you have any questions. 

Fall Events (Cider Mill Walk-A-Thon, Zero Waste Week and the Annual Halloween Parade)

Outside Learning Garden

Family Check-ins & the Mood Meter


Fidgets & More

Music (Winter) Events

Up-coming Dates

Fun Fall Events: October offers some wonderful fall events for us to celebrate as a school:

Walk-a-thon: On October 12th, we will walk as a school community to fundraise for our school. A huge thank you to Melissa Reynolds and our PTA for organizing this event to support enrichment programs, visiting authors, our 5th grade yearbooks, teacher appreciation events and many other special items for our school. You may come to the WHS Stadium to cheer your children on as they loop around the track 3 times!  Visitors should remain in the stands (or along the fence) unless you have signed up to support a particular classroom. Click here for the direct link to donate. More information can be found in the Parent Square notification sent by Melissa Reynolds yesterday. 

Zero Waste Week:  October 23-27 is Zero Waste Week! Our Green Team parents will be looking for volunteers to help with activities in our classrooms, so be on the lookout for the sign-up!  

Halloween Parade: On Tuesday, October 31st, we will celebrate our annual Halloween Parade. Please reference this flyer for more information and the times each house will participate in the parade (NH/CN: 8:45-9:00 am & K/BH 9:30-9:45 am). Students will be involved with an “Upcycling Door Decorating” contest and they will enjoy some healthy treats (no candy)- more information to follow from your child’s room parents. 

Outside Learning Garden: We are very thankful for our family volunteers who shared their time to completely overhaul our school garden! The space had completely become overgrown over the wet summer months and the weeds took over. Our Green Team Club (Garden & Zero Waste) are excited to begin plantings for the spring. It takes a village - and we very much appreciate your efforts and time!

Family Check-Ins & Mood Meter:  The mood meter is one of our emotional intelligence tools that we have learned about through Yale’s RULER program.  The mood meter is a place where anyone can plot themselves when thinking about their energy levels and levels of pleasantness.  The red and yellow  quadrants have high energy levels, while the blue and green quadrants are for when you are feeling lower energy levels.  The red and blue quadrants represent unpleasant feelings, while the yellow and green represent pleasant feelings.  The words on this particular mood meter are here to help you get a sense of where you might plot yourself.  All students have been taught about the mood meter and may use it in class to check in with their feelings. During this difficult time, it is important to check in with each other and ask the question: “How are you feeling?”  We encourage each family to speak with their children and loved ones to emotionally check in with them.  The questions below come from to help guide conversations around feelings.  It is tough work, but so incredibly important.  Please reach out to Jeremy Cross if you want more information about Yale’s RULER program. 

-What specific word best describes your current feeling? 

-Do you find it easy or difficult to pinpoint a word for your current feeling?

-What do you think caused you to feel this way?

-How are you expressing this feeling? 

-Is that a helpful expression given your current situation?

-Would you like to keep feeling this emotion or shift to a new one?

-What strategy will you use to feel more, less, or the same of this emotion? 

Chartwells: Please click here to access an FAQ Sheet and a Food Price sheet for Chartwells. 

Fidgets & More: Fidgets are appropriate when they help certain students focus on tasks. At times, too many fidgets or tools can be a distraction to the learner and/or the classmates sharing the learning community. Please monitor the tools/fidgets your child brings to school. Reach out to your child’s teacher, case manager or school counselor if you have any questions. Earlier this week,  an Orbeez squishy ball filled with water beads burst open in one of the classrooms. It's important to emphasize that water beads can pose a danger if ingested by pets or small children, prompting their removal from store shelves due to safety concerns. We kindly request your assistance in ensuring that your child refrains from bringing such items or similar ones to school, as we prioritize the safety and well-being of all our students.

Music (Winter) Events: Our music program is up and running! Below you will find a list of the winter programs so that you can mark your calendars accordingly. 

Up-coming Dates:

  • October 6 ~ Early Release (12:00 pm dismissal for Professional Learning for Staff)

  • October 9 ~ District Closed/No School (Columbus/ Indigenous Peoples Day)

  • October 10 ~ No School (Professional Learning for Staff)

  • October 12 ~ Walk-A-Thon at 8:00am  Wear your HOUSE COLORS!!!  Dress warm! (Rain Date, October 13) 

  • October 16-20 ~ 4th Grade OLSAT testing

  • October 17 ~ 5th Grade Kent Field Trip to Webb Center 

  • October 18 ~ 5th Grade Belden Hill field trip to Webb Center

  • October 19 ~ 5th Grade Cannondale field trip to Webb Center

  • October 20 ~ 5th Grade Nod Hill field trip to Webb Center

  • October 23-27 ~ Zero Waste Week

  • October 23 ~ 5th Grade PTA Sponsored Brain Challenge Assembly

  • October 26 ~ 3rd Grade Fire Prevention Assembly

  • October 31 ~ Halloween Parades (North 8:45am // South 9:30

  • November 2 ~ Turkey Trot at 8:00am (Rain Date, November 3)

Wilton Warrior FANFEST

Posted Date: 9/19/23 (11:59 AM)


2nd Annual Wilton FANFEST

Good morning Warrior families, 

I hope you have all had a great start to the 2023-2024 school year. It's that time of year again, the athletic department is hosting the 2nd annual Wilton "FANFEST" a family friendly community wide event. 

Our event will be held on Saturday, September 23rd from 2-6pm. The day will consist of live music from "FAKEID" and "TANGLED VINE", food trucks, face painting, laser tag, inflatables and more! 

We're thrilled to invite you and your family to join us again for another unforgettable day of fun, laughter, and togetherness at FANFEST 2023.

Here's a sneak peek at what you can look forward to:

Date: Saturday, September 23rd
Time: 2-6pm
Location: (Image Attached)

Stay tuned for more updates and details as we get closer to the big day. In the meantime, feel free to visit our social media pages and follow along.

Thank you again for being a part of our community and for making our events so special. We truly value your continued support, and we're looking forward to seeing you at FANFEST 2023!

Bobby Rushton
Director of Athletics
Wilton High School

Cider Mill School Indoor Air Quality Update - 9/13/23

Posted Date: 9/13/23 (6:29 PM)

Good evening!

As you may be aware, we have experienced a few issues with the presence of mold due to increased humidity levels and a few leaks. We have been communicating with families who have students in impacted rooms, but I wanted to provide a school-wide update for all families. Apologies in advance to the families who have already received similar updates from me.  Good Morning Wilton provided a brief summary of events based on Dr. Smith’s report at the September 7th Board Meeting. Additionally, the Board of Education is also hosting a “special meeting” (via Zoom) this evening to further discuss these concerns. Please visit their website for more information. 

First and foremost, please know that our facilities team is collaborating with Atlas Technical Consultants (testing) and Restoration One (mold remediation specialists) to ensure everyone’s safety and health. Over the past couple of weeks, a handful of teachers noticed an abundance of moisture and condensation in their rooms. Most of this is due to the high humidity levels, the placement of some classrooms (below ground level sections of Cannondale) and a few isolated leaks that have surfaced. Regardless, the increased moisture led to  the growth of mold spores in an isolated number of our classrooms. 

Once teachers reported concerns, our facilities and maintenance crews immediately reached out to Atlas Technical Consultants (ATC) to conduct testing in questionable classrooms. When levels came back with higher than expected levels, our maintenance teams and consultants from Restoration One collaborated to rectify any issues. Results indicated that only a few classes had levels which required us to relocate students and staff. Last week we tested and relocated Ms. Sherwood’s class (CN 116). We also treated all 4th classrooms located on the “back wall” of Cannondale (CN 115 and 117) with the remediation steps outlined below. Today, due to leaks that were found, we need to relocate both Mrs. Forniaciari’s classroom (CN 120) and Mrs. Todd’s room (CN 110) until their spaces are remediated and retested. We will continue to carefully monitor and remediate additional areas as needed. We have convened our Tools for School committee and will conduct a thorough walk-through of the building to ensure we haven’t missed any additional areas of concern. 

When “higher than expected” mold counts are found or a staff person observes a significant issue, here are the steps that are followed:

  • Staff/students are relocated. 

  • HEPA Air Scrubbers and dehumidifiers are installed and ran in the identified classrooms. 

  • Identified rooms are deep cleaned including the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning units, and new filters are installed. 

  • Collaborate with Restoration One mold remediation services to inspect spaces behind the walls and above the drop ceilings in each of these rooms using an infrared camera to ensure there is no moisture intrusion or mold growth.  

  • Shampoo any area rugs and treat them with anti-mold cleansers. 

  • Refine our AC and airflow to maximize the functionality of our HVAC system throughout the building and decrease humidity

  • Additional tests will be conducted following the renovation and before students re-enter the space. 

Operating under the guidance of ATC and Restoration One, we believe the measures we have put in place will resolve the issue.  ACT has also told us that as the humidity levels drop, these issues of mold spores, smells, and moisture will naturally dissipate.  All reports will be posted on the district’s facilities website. A huge thank you to our facilities team and our teachers for being so responsive and flexible! 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.

Dr. Jen Falcone

Cider Mill Open House & Family Engagement Survey

Posted Date: 9/07/23 (4:15 PM)

9/7/23 - Cider Mill Brief Family Update (Open House & Family Engagement Surveys)

Thank you for sharing your children with Cider Mill School. Our classrooms and hallways have been "a-buzz" with laughter, learning and a LOT of community building. Our teachers are excited to welcome all of you to our open houses on Monday, September 11 (South: Kent/Belden Hill) and Monday, September 18 (North: Nod Hill/Cannondale) from 6:45-7:30. Your child(ren)'s classroom teacher will send more specific information about locations. 

CM Introductory Administration Video:
Here is a link to a BRIEF introductory open house video from Cider Mill Administration. You will need to copy/paste the following passcode to view the video:  $Ec0i9Lk. 

Additional "Open House Information for Specials, World Languages, and our Mental Health Team:
In addition, you may want to access the Google Slide Deck for further information. Embedded, you will find a link to our "Virtual Meet the Team" for World Language, our Mental Health Team and Special Areas as well as a "Quick Facts" informational sheet for more information about our Special Areas Teams (LLC, PE, Music and Art).

Family Engagement Survey:
Finally, we hope that each family has completed the Family Engagement Survey for your child(ren)'s classroom teacher (LINK). This survey will provide important information to help the teachers get to know their students and to help each student feel like they BEElong and are important members of their classroom community. In addition, the survey will help us find ways to engage our families throughout the school year. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey before September 22nd. 

The September edition of "What's the Buzz? (CM Family Update) will be shared later this month. In the meantime, please be sure to visit our Cider Mill School Calendar to review all upcoming events and our Cider Mill "Quick Facts" Handbook if you have any questions. Please reach out to our main office as needed (203-762-3351).

Dr. Jen Falcone

Cider Mill School Friday 9/1/23 Family Update

Posted Date: 9/01/23 (1:06 PM)

Dear Families,
Thank you for sharing your children with us! We have enjoyed spending time in classrooms and watching our students form new connections and relationships with each other and their peers. Every month, through Parent Square, you will receive a "Family Update" newsletter from Cider Mill administration. However, we will also send brief updates as needed. 

Today we'd like to share information about our fall enrichment program (the sign-up form is embedded) and to be sure all of our families have access to our Cider Mill Handbook. Please note the updated bus expectations in this document. 

We look forward to seeing all of you at our Open House sessions in the upcoming weeks. You will receive a "Welcome Back" video from Cider Mill administration in advance of the following dates: 

  • Monday, 9/11 (6:45-7:30): South (Kent/Belden Hill)
  • Monday 9/18 (6:45-7:30): North (Cannondale/Nod Hill)
Have a fabulous long weekend!

Warm regards,

Jen Falcone

Welcome Back from the Board of Education

Posted Date: 8/29/23 (6:46 AM)

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a restful and restorative summer filled with family, friends, and fun. We are looking forward to another great year of Wilton education excellence. 
Yesterday marked the schools’ return to full life, but the work never stopped. There is so much great work going on across the district. At Miller Driscoll, purposeful play is being further integrated into the classrooms and curriculum. Cider Mill is slowing down the pace of the day to increase connection, community, and deep engagement. Middlebrook is starting the new year with a new schedule. At the High School, work continues on the Portrait of a Graduate with a focus on design thinking and portfolio projects that encourage students to follow their curiosity and passion. At all schools, STEM programs continue to grow and evolve. 
The June edition of The Learning Professional, featured an article about Wilton’s success implementing the acceleration framework. The acceleration framework is a Covid silver lining. The article highlights Wilton’s coordinated effort, from district office to classroom, to design and implement academic tasks that prioritize grade-level essential concepts and skills and encourage engagement in deep learning and student self-efficacy. We are excited to see this work continue with our curriculum experts, instructional coaches, and teachers working together to support student growth and achievement. We should all be extremely proud - student growth and achievement across the district is remarkable.
Convocation was Wednesday morning - and what a morning we had celebrating all our teachers and staff. Each year, Convocation brings the excitement and promise that comes with the start of a new school year. There is nothing that a dedicated group of professionals cannot achieve. Our staff is brimming with talent and brilliance that not just shows up, but also delivers - and delivering is not always easy. Thank you.
On Thursday, the magic was fully back as kids hit the classrooms to meet their teachers. Each building was abuzz with excitement and smiling faces. Thank you to our outstanding custodial staff who had the buildings ready to fulfill their purpose and keep them running all year long. 
This year also marks the start of Superintendent’s Smith’s 10th year leading Wilton’s world class education system. His commitment to the education and well being of our children is unparalleled. His steady calm, quiet strength, and vision continue to guide this district to excellence. We benefit on a daily basis from his ability to make each day count and also see present challenges through a long-term lens. Thank you, Superintendent Smith.
Kindergartners stepped off the bus for the first time and seniors had their last first day. Each child who walks through our doors gets one chance at each grade. The Wilton education community is ready to serve each and every learner. 
Thank you to every district employee for all your hard work, and professional and personal commitment to Wilton’s children. Thank you parents and families for your trust, support, and partnership. Here's to a great year! 

Updated Bus Information for All Families in PowerSchool

Posted Date: 8/26/23 (1:34 PM)

We write to share very important bus information with our families.  While working to resolve the transportation data issue we informed you about yesterday, our team recognized data errors that would impact more families. These issues have been addressed and resolved.

In order to ensure that everyone has accurate bus numbers and times, we ask that ALL FAMILIES whose children ride the bus to or from school to check PowerSchool for updated information.  Please note that while many bus assignments or arrival times have changed, some remain the same.  It is important for everyone to check to be sure you have the correct information.

Thank you for your patience, and we wish you a smooth start to the school year!

WPS: Important Transportation Update

Posted Date: 8/25/23 (3:47 PM)

We are looking forward to welcoming students to our schools on Monday morning!  Please note that due to a minor issue with our student management system, some bus information did not import correctly, leaving a small number of families without bus assignments.  We are working to resolve this issue and will have the remaining missing bus assignments in the system over the weekend.  We are grateful for your patience and understanding, and we encourage those who do not currently have bus assignments to check PowerSchool periodically over the weekend.  If your bus assignment is already in the system, you do not need to check PowerSchool again.  Thank you.

Wilton Public Schools - District News

Posted Date: 8/24/23 (7:21 PM)


Wilton Public Schools |  District News

Pictures from WPS Staff Convocation 2023

A Message from the Superintendent 

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers:
We are so excited to welcome you back to a new school year and we offer a special welcome to all of our new families! Our staff has been busy all summer long making preparations to ensure that this coming school year will be tremendously successful.  We look forward to greeting all of your children on Monday and have missed their smiles and their energy. Schools are no fun when they’re empty!
We know that as exciting as the start of school is, it can also be daunting with the amount of information that is shared. As a parent of five, I have spent innumerable hours over the years struggling to recall and attempting to retrieve various pieces of information from a myriad of emails, newsletters and websites. District staff members have been working to streamline communications and provide easy access to information. We hope that the transition to ParentSquare serves that end well.  We also hope that you find this newsletter meaningful in your own effort to keep track of important details.
Change is a natural part of life and our school system has experienced some key changes this year. First, as noted above, we have a new tool for communication.  As can be expected, integration with our student information system has not been entirely seamless so we are asking all parents and guardians to make an extra effort to ensure that all information housed in Powerschool is up to date. Even if you’ve verified your information, please double check.
We’ve also experienced a key change in our transportation office. We welcome long time staff member Helaine Walker to the role of Transportation Coordinator. While we expect all to go smoothly, we know from experience that the buses run more slowly during the first week of school. Please be patient as our new drivers get acquainted with their routes and we fall back into our routines. As always, should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out.
We look forward to another incredible school year and are truly grateful for your partnership.
Kevin J. Smith, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools


Replacing Fran Williams as transportation coordinator is Helaine Walker.  Fran retired from Wilton effective June 30 after 15 years. Helaine has worn many hats in the district and is well equipped to take on this new role.  Should you have questions or need to reach Helaine regarding transportation issues, please email or call 203.762.3381 ext 8326.

A few important notes and reminders:
  • Morning pickup times are listed in PowerSchool.
    • We ask that you review your child’s pickup time again on Friday, August 25 as there may be some changes 
  • During the first week of school buses tend to run more slowly as drivers familiarize themselves with their routes, students and families. 
  • Please note that the pickup times are approximate, times may vary due to weather or traffic conditions.
  • Please have your student wait at his or her assigned stop.
  •  All students should wear provided seat belts and sit straight ahead in their seats.
  • Students who must cross the road for their stop should NOT USE cell phones or any electronics while crossing.
  • When crossing the road, students must wait until:
    1. the bus has stopped
    2. the crossing gate is opened
    3. the driver gives the nod that it is safe to cross.
  • Information regarding the Wilton Board of Education transportation policies and regulations can be found by vising BoardDocs.

School Lunch Program 

Chartwells is ready to serve WPS once again. Detailed information regarding the school lunch program can be found by visiting the Food Service webpage


What is included in school lunch?

  • Entrée, vegetable, fruit and milk listed on the school menu. 
  • Snacks are offered for an additional charge (list on website)
  • is available (app or online) for viewing Menus and Nutritional information. 


How to pay for school lunch? 

  • (Support Number 800-803-6755) there is a service fee 
  • No fee payment:  Send a check made payable to Wilton Lunch Program  with your student  or mail check to: Chartwells ℅ school lunch program 131 School Road Wilton, CT 06897
  • Nutrislice app available for viewing menus.  Online ordering is NOT available.


Who/How should the parent contact with a Chartwells issue?


Powerschool and PTA Directory Information

The District is preparing to update the School Directories and your information will be included in the Directory unless you checked “No, Please DO NOT publish my child’s information in the School Directory.” 

Contact information is only used by the school and the Parent Teacher Associations” 
If you need to update your setting please log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal, go to Forms, and update Form D – Permissions/Agreements

Many of you may have updated and/or verified your information prior to August 16.  Since that time the District became aware of inconsistencies with the Opt In/Opt Out selection for the student Directory and reset all the directory answers to allow publication of information.  If you do not want your contact information published in the Directory for school and PTA use you must log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal, click on the Forms Tab, and update form D Permissions/Agreements.  

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate you verifying your selection by Monday evening.