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Wilton Public Schools Shine at the A9CC Video Awards

Posted Date: 6/12/24 (9:09 AM)

Wilton Public Schools have once again demonstrated their prowess in digital media and video production, securing numerous accolades at the prestigious A9CC Video Awards, sponsored by Altice. This year's competition saw exceptional performances from Wilton students across various categories, celebrating their creativity and storytelling skills.

Highlighting the achievements, Wilton High School's Danielle Westgate clinched the coveted John M. Repicky Award for her outstanding stop-motion animation, "The Sentence." This award, named in honor of former Wilton High School film teacher John Repicky, recognizes the best overall project among all first-place winners. Westgate's triumph marks the first time a high school student from Wilton has received this honor, continuing the legacy of excellence inspired by Repicky.

In addition to the John Repicky Award, Wilton Public Schools garnered several other awards:

High School - News Show

  • Second Place: "Morning Warrior" by the Morning Warrior Club, Instructor: Donald Allers

High School - General Interest Story

  • Second Place: "Wilton High Fire Department" by Henry Mangum, Instructor: Maria Breece

Elementary School - Adult Assisted News Show

  • First Place: "Miller Driscoll Morning Show" by Miller Driscoll TV Club, Instructors: Bryan Ennis and Tim Ley

Elementary School - PSA

  • Second Place: "Be Quiet in the Halls" by Amy McCabe, Aleena Gill, Keira Wax, and Hailey Kazen, Instructors: Nicole Ryan and Joseph Pullia

  • Third Place: "Kids Need to Share" by Joann Vincent and Evan Twinker, Instructors: Nicole Ryan and Joseph Pullia

The success of Wilton's digital media programs can be attributed to the dedication of its instructors and the hard work of its students. "We have built an award-winning, robust program that improves every year. This year was no exception," said Fran Kompar, Wilton’s Director of Digital Learning. The A9CC Video Council's regional competition continues to inspire students to produce high-quality video content, with Wilton Public Schools leading the charge.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their remarkable achievements and contributions to the school's rich tradition of excellence in digital media.

For more information on the A9CC Video Awards and to view the winning entries, visit A9CC Ed Access.