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Middlebrook School Secure Protocol - Update

Posted Date: 6/03/24 (3:24 PM)

June 3, 2024

Dear Parents, Guardians, Caregivers, and Staff, 

As you may know, Middlebrook School was placed into a secure protocol today due to an object that was found in the batting cages behind the building.  At approximately 1:05 p.m., a staff member became aware of an object that appeared to be a hand grenade.  The staff member did not touch the object and noted that it appeared to be hollow based on a visible hole in the bottom of it.  It was unclear as to whether this object was real or a facsimile. The staff member promptly alerted an administrator to this finding. The administrator immediately initiated a secure protocol and notified the Wilton Police Department.  Any students and staff outside the building at that time were ushered inside as the school moved into the secure protocol.  Students whose classrooms were in close proximity to the fields moved to a separate part of the building as per the Wilton Police Department.  The Wilton Police Department assessed the situation, determined that a secure protocol continued to be appropriate, and out of an abundance of caution, enlisted the support of the Stamford Bomb Squad.  Upon closer examination, the Stamford Bomb Squad determined that the object was empty and posed no threat.  The object was removed and the secure protocol was lifted at approximately 2:15 p.m.  Students resumed their typical day and moved to their last period class.  While we recognize that such a finding may be unsettling, we want to highlight the quick response of the Middlebrook staff, the Wilton Police Department, and the Stamford Bomb Squad, all of which acted quickly out of an abundance of caution to ensure the safety of students and staff.  

Thank you, 

The Wilton Public Schools