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Posted Date: 8/24/23 (7:21 PM)


Wilton Public Schools |  District News

Pictures from WPS Staff Convocation 2023

A Message from the Superintendent 

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers:
We are so excited to welcome you back to a new school year and we offer a special welcome to all of our new families! Our staff has been busy all summer long making preparations to ensure that this coming school year will be tremendously successful.  We look forward to greeting all of your children on Monday and have missed their smiles and their energy. Schools are no fun when they’re empty!
We know that as exciting as the start of school is, it can also be daunting with the amount of information that is shared. As a parent of five, I have spent innumerable hours over the years struggling to recall and attempting to retrieve various pieces of information from a myriad of emails, newsletters and websites. District staff members have been working to streamline communications and provide easy access to information. We hope that the transition to ParentSquare serves that end well.  We also hope that you find this newsletter meaningful in your own effort to keep track of important details.
Change is a natural part of life and our school system has experienced some key changes this year. First, as noted above, we have a new tool for communication.  As can be expected, integration with our student information system has not been entirely seamless so we are asking all parents and guardians to make an extra effort to ensure that all information housed in Powerschool is up to date. Even if you’ve verified your information, please double check.
We’ve also experienced a key change in our transportation office. We welcome long time staff member Helaine Walker to the role of Transportation Coordinator. While we expect all to go smoothly, we know from experience that the buses run more slowly during the first week of school. Please be patient as our new drivers get acquainted with their routes and we fall back into our routines. As always, should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out.
We look forward to another incredible school year and are truly grateful for your partnership.
Kevin J. Smith, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools


Replacing Fran Williams as transportation coordinator is Helaine Walker.  Fran retired from Wilton effective June 30 after 15 years. Helaine has worn many hats in the district and is well equipped to take on this new role.  Should you have questions or need to reach Helaine regarding transportation issues, please email or call 203.762.3381 ext 8326.

A few important notes and reminders:
  • Morning pickup times are listed in PowerSchool.
    • We ask that you review your child’s pickup time again on Friday, August 25 as there may be some changes 
  • During the first week of school buses tend to run more slowly as drivers familiarize themselves with their routes, students and families. 
  • Please note that the pickup times are approximate, times may vary due to weather or traffic conditions.
  • Please have your student wait at his or her assigned stop.
  •  All students should wear provided seat belts and sit straight ahead in their seats.
  • Students who must cross the road for their stop should NOT USE cell phones or any electronics while crossing.
  • When crossing the road, students must wait until:
    1. the bus has stopped
    2. the crossing gate is opened
    3. the driver gives the nod that it is safe to cross.
  • Information regarding the Wilton Board of Education transportation policies and regulations can be found by vising BoardDocs.

School Lunch Program 

Chartwells is ready to serve WPS once again. Detailed information regarding the school lunch program can be found by visiting the Food Service webpage


What is included in school lunch?

  • Entrée, vegetable, fruit and milk listed on the school menu. 
  • Snacks are offered for an additional charge (list on website)
  • is available (app or online) for viewing Menus and Nutritional information. 


How to pay for school lunch? 

  • (Support Number 800-803-6755) there is a service fee 
  • No fee payment:  Send a check made payable to Wilton Lunch Program  with your student  or mail check to: Chartwells ℅ school lunch program 131 School Road Wilton, CT 06897
  • Nutrislice app available for viewing menus.  Online ordering is NOT available.


Who/How should the parent contact with a Chartwells issue?


Powerschool and PTA Directory Information

The District is preparing to update the School Directories and your information will be included in the Directory unless you checked “No, Please DO NOT publish my child’s information in the School Directory.” 

Contact information is only used by the school and the Parent Teacher Associations” 
If you need to update your setting please log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal, go to Forms, and update Form D – Permissions/Agreements

Many of you may have updated and/or verified your information prior to August 16.  Since that time the District became aware of inconsistencies with the Opt In/Opt Out selection for the student Directory and reset all the directory answers to allow publication of information.  If you do not want your contact information published in the Directory for school and PTA use you must log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal, click on the Forms Tab, and update form D Permissions/Agreements.  

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate you verifying your selection by Monday evening.