The Early Learning Center (Pre-K)


Miller-Driscoll Early Learning Center is pleased to offer an Integrated Preschool Program. Our program offers an inclusive preschool experience providing individualized learning for all children. Children with age-appropriate skills and children with identified special education needs learn together in a challenging and supportive learning environment.

Vision and Mission

Miller-Driscoll Early Learning Center’s Vision

Miller-Driscoll Early Learning Center offers a language-rich environment, which fosters kind, inclusive and socially responsible students who demonstrate the virtues of compassion and empathy. Our staff provides personalized learning experiences, building the foundation for our students to reach their potential in a safe and nurturing atmosphere.

Miller-Driscoll Early Learning Center’s Mission

Miller-Driscoll Early Learning Center is an integrated and technologically advanced early learning center that promotes the development, growth and independence of all students through a curriculum that is informed by the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards, empirically supported assessments and intervention. Our program is delivered by highly qualified staff in a state of the art facility.

For Parents with Questions About Their Child's Development

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