(for students) College & University Rep Visits @ WHS

Please login to your Naviance Student account to view scheduled rep visits

All College and University Reps meet in the College Career Resource Center located in the Counseling hallway.

The Reps are often the Admissions Officers who will “read” your application. These visits are informal; informational sessions only. This is not an interview. Bring your questions and / or interest!

Students MUST request and have permission from their teacher to meet with a College or University Representative.

Students will sign an attendance sheet in the College Career Resource Center.

Currently, you do NOT need to sign-up in advance for a Rep visit.

Visits are published in Naviance Student and updated numerous times a day.

Click your “Colleges” tab for a complete listing and don’t forget to add the school to your prospective colleges and universities list. If they are visiting, you will receive an email reminder. Please check your account often!

If you are unable to attend a visit, please stop in The College Center and fill out a "request for information and interest" form. It will be given to the Rep.

Please note that Rep Visits are subject to time/date changes and cancellations may occur. Check Naviance Student or follow the College Center on Twitter @CollegeWHS for daily Rep Visit information.