Read brochures, catalogues and visit the school's Website.
Schedule an appointment. Please do not be late!
Know whether the interview is evaluative or informational.
Tour before you interview, if possible.


When the interviewer calls your name, greet him or her with a handshake and a smile.
Introduce your parents or siblings, if they are with you.

The Interview

Be prepared to speak about yourself.
Be prepared to ask questions about the college.
Use a notebook or 3x5 card to remind you of key questions.
Remember to use good posture and to maintain appropriate eye contact.
Use correct grammar.Avoid inappropriate language and "like", "you know" or "um".
Take time to think before you answer questions.
Exude confidence

Your Best Advantage

Ask the interviewer about successful applications to the college, what should yours include.
If you want to know how your qualifications match a particular college, you can ask your interviewer.


Write a short note to your interviewer thanking him or her.
In the note include a reference to something specific from the interview.
If you have a question that was not answered include that in the note.