Research & Inquiry

Be sure to check out the LLC Essentials page; it is our instructional portal full of resources curated specifically for each of your inquiry assignments as well as collections of tutorials and review materials!

1. Question:

What do I...

  • Wonder about? (curiosity)
  • Wish I could change? (problem solve)
  • Wish I understood better? (critical thinking)

How can I...

  • generate possible questions?
  • provide innovative solutions to authentic problems?
  • pose a clear, well-developed research question?

2. Locate:

Where will I:

  • gather background information and begin my investigation?
  • locate information from multiple and differentiated quality sources?

How can I:

  • “tweak” my search terms as needed?
  • find a range of sources in various types of media to be sure I am including a wide range of perspectives?

3. Evaluate:

How can I:

  • assess the authority, accuracy, relevance and purpose of my sources?
  • organize my notes and know that my consideration of perspectives is thorough?
  • include multiple and informed perspectives?

4. Apply:

How can I:

  • select and effectively use tools to organize myself?
  • synthesize what I have learned from my research?
  • create an arguable thesis?

5. Communicate:

When deciding how to share what I have learned, how will I consider my:

  • audience?
  • message?
  • purpose?

And create a product that meets all of these needs?

How can I take informed action?