WHS Jazz 2 - Adjudication 2019

WHS Jazz 1 - Adjudication 2019

WHS Jazz Concert - April 2019

Welcome to the Wilton High School Warrior Band for the 2019-20 School Year!

This is an organization with an enduring legacy and strong traditions, and it exists because of the dedication of our students (and their families!) year after year.

Our band program consists of two main curricular bands:Concert Band and Wind Ensemble. These meet daily and each perform at various concerts throughout the year. During Quarter 1 both bands combine to form our marching band, which rehearses during the school day and on Wednesday evenings. Students interested in Jazz may participate in one of our extra-curricular Jazz Ensembles. Jazz ensembles commence once marching band is complete in November.


Our entire organization depends on each individual member for a successful performance, therefore all
performances are mandatory for all students. Any unexcused absence will result in a full grade deduction andwill be worth the commensurate amount of points during the quarter. To excuse an absence, written and
acceptable notice of the conflict must be submitted in a timely manner. Acceptable excuses include illness and special family events or circumstances such as weddings, graduations, etc. Please arrange college visits around our performance schedule.

Students who are excused absent from a performance will be provided a suitable makeup assignment, and willbe able to make-up full credit for the excused performance. Make-up opportunities will not be granted for
unexcused absences.

In the case of special family events or circumstances (unless it is a severe illness or death), please submitthe note as a request for absence at least two weeks in advance.

Daily Work

Focus, respect for others, preparation with instrument, punctuality, and positive attitude are essential to
successful participation in a group class. Students are expected to remain engaged in rehearsal, to be prepared with instrument and music each day, and to respect their peers and our organization. Electronic devices shall not distract from focus and productivity. Students will earn a daily work grade for adhering to these expectations.


View sectional schedule for the upcoming week here.

Sectional rehearsals are organized by homogeneous instrument groups (all flutes together, all trumpets together, etc). Sectionals provide an opportunity for sustained, direct instruction related to instrument specific challenges. Students take the skills learned in sectionals and synthesize them in full band classes. This allows for greater efficiency and higher student engagement throughout the musical learning process. Sectionals for each instrument will be held weekly.  

Technique Classes

Technique classes are designed to offer individualized support in fundamental musicianship. Using their instrument, students will develop their playing technique, music literacy, and knowledge of music theory. Much like skill drills in sports, students will apply the skills from Technique Classes to actual music in rehearsals and sectionals. Individualized written or performance-based assessments may also occur during Technique Class periods.

Technique Classes occur during free periods, in a schedule aligned with the 8-day rotation. A schedule of technique class periods will be provided at the start of the school year. Students must attend four technique class periods in each quarter. Technique classes are heterogeneous instrument groupings – students may attend any class regardless of instrument.

If students do not have a free period that aligns with a technique class, they may attend make-up technique classes that will occur before and/or after school. (Mondays for Concert Band students, Thursdays for Wind Ensemble students). The make-up technique classes will also last for 45 minutes (the same length as a class period) and students must attend four per quarter.  

Students who take private lessons outside of school on their primary band instrument are exempt from Technique Classes. Parents, please confirm any private lesson participation with Mr. Loafman at the beginning of the school year. All seniors will also be exempt from Technique Classes during second semester. 

Wednesday evening marching band

During Quarter 1 only, we hold a full marching band rehearsal on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8PM, rain or shine. Students will meet in the band room, however we will be outside most of the time.

Thursday pull-outs 

These full marching band rehearsals take place during the school day on Thursdays, during one of each of the class periods. (Only during Quarter 1) Students are released from their scheduled class, however the pull-out rotation is set up so students will only miss each class once. If there is a test or quiz occurring in the regular class, students are exempt from that week’s pull-out. (Please notify Mr. Loafman the week of the pull-out if there is a test or quiz expected in that Thursday’s pull-out period).  

Away games:

As one of our valued traditions, we send a small band to each away game. This band plays in the stands only and does not march, however the added sound and spirit is a great asset to our team and traveling fans.

Students must attend two away games. There will be a sign-up form on Google classroom prior to each away game. To ensure we have adequate transportation, students must sign up for away games in advance. Students can earn extra credit by attending extra away games. We have included the away games on the enclosed schedule to aid in planning which games to attend.

Grading Breakdown

1st Quarter (Marching Band):

Daily Work - 20%, Performances - 30%, Sectionals & Technique Classes - 20% (Includes any assignments within), Marching Band Rehearsals - 20% (Wednesday nights and Thursday Pull-Outs); Away Games - 10%

2nd - 4th Quarters:

Daily Work - 30%, Performances - 30%, Sectionals & Technique Classes - 40%

Sectional Schedule

Quarter 1

All sectionals last 30 minutes. Please note they alternate between mornings and afternoons for flexibility. Each student is required to attend 5 of the 8 weeks available. 

Mr. Loafman's weekly sectional schedule will be posted here.

Quarter 2

Please note that sectional weeks are now divided by ensemble. Each student is required to attend 3 of the 4 weeks available in the quarter.

Mr. Loafman's weekly sectional schedule will be posted here.


Students are required wear suitable attire for performances. This requires a marching band uniform and a concert attire outfit.

Warrior Marching Band and Uniforms (Required)

The WHS Warrior Marching Band is in session during football season (Sep-Nov) and band students are required to attend and participate in all home football games (through the entire game) and wear the required uniform. Rental fees and purchase costs are on the enclosed Uniform Order Form, due Aug 19. Marching uniforms will be distributed by the end of band camp. Note: Students are also required to purchase Band shoes on their own (details on enclosed order form).

 Concert Band / Wind Ensemble Attire (Required)

After football season, students participate in either Concert Band (9th/10th grade) or Wind Ensemble (10th/11th/12th grade) for the remainder of the school year. The required performance attire is formal - tuxedos for boys, typically purchased at Camillo’s in Norwalk, and a specific long black dress for girls, bought from Formal Fashions, Inc. online.  For those who are interested, Boosters has a limited Concert Attire Recycling Program open to all band, chorus and orchestra students, which can outfit students free of charge. We will announce a first round of try-on sessions in September for all music students. For further information, please contact band boosters.

Forms, Forms and More Forms

In August a packet of information is physically mailed to incoming freshman parents and emailed to all returning families. Copies of those forms can be downloaded from here too:

Adjudication Trip Information

Band Uniform Information and Order Form

Bus Permission Form

Music Boosters Volunteer and Dues Form

Warrior Band Calendar

Band Directors Welcome Letter 

Supplies by Instrument (New This Year)

Boosters Welcome Letter