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Over four years, students may select from a wide variety of full year and semester science courses. Decisions on which courses you will take will depend on several factors: individual interest, future education plans, and academic background. You should plan the sequence of your courses with care. As a general rule, AP Science courses are taken after successfully completing Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses. One significant exception to this rule is those students who are planning to take AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC during their senior year. These students may elect to take AP Biology, AP Chemistry or AP Environmental Science during their junior year. The chart below indicates the kinds of choices available at each grade level. To determine whether you have developed the requisite skills for a course, read the appropriate course descriptions, speak with your current science teacher or talk with your school counselor. Science employs the language of mathematics to represent concepts in each of its science courses. Students must take their math abilities into consideration when selecting a science course. One year of a physical science and one year of a biological science is the state requirement for graduation. 

The Wilton School District is in the process of transitioning to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for our k-12 science program.


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